Medicine Stone 2018 brings another year of red dirt music to Tahlequah

Published 9/12/18

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Colby Luper, TNE Writer

For the past six years, the Medicine Stone music festival has been proudly flying the flag of red dirt country music. The festival now stands as the premier outdoor red dirt music festival and thousands of people look forward to it each year. The festival is returning to Diamondhead Resort, and it is predicted to be the biggest Medicine Stone yet.

Green Country Roots Festival brings the talent of Green Country to NSU


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Colby Luper, TNE Writer

Green Country is rich with culture and art. There are festivals each year that celebrate the talented individuals and groups that live here. One of these is the Green Country Roots Festival, coordinated by the Cherokees for Black Indian Heritage Preservation Foundation.

Rose Festival sets out to reclaim Broken Arrow’s beautiful history

Published 4/27/17

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Kelsey Baucom, TNE Writer

A few years ago the Main Street area in downtown Broken Arrow adopted the title of the Rose District as an ode to the city’s rich heritage. Today, leaders in the community are embarking on huge projects to revitalize downtown and make it more of an arts and entertainment district for both residents and tourists to enjoy. The annual Rose Festival brings the community together to celebrate this history and continue to make Broken Arrow beautiful.

MisFest showcases female musicians in Oklahoma

Published 4/24/17

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Kelsey Baucom, TNE Writer

Even today in the music scene, it is still a “thing” to have a female drummer or lead guitarist. It is still a “thing” to have a band comprised of all women. It is even a “thing” to see women be successful in the music industry in any capacity. This is not to say that there are no thriving female musicians or tour managers or sound engineers, but it brings up the question of why it is worth mentioning that someone is successful while also happening to be a woman. This line of thinking is exactly what inspired Amira Al-Jiboori and Casii Stephan to create MisFest.


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