Opera workshop to perform selections from “The Great American Songbook”
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Opera workshop to perform selections from “The Great American Songbook”

Published 11/8/17

Marissa Mitchell

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Performance after performance, week after week, the NSU Department of Music always has something happening within their program. It can be said NSU’s music program is one of the most intensive music programs in the state. Being a well rounded program, NSU offers a class called Opera Workshop, which teaches the performance of musical theatre, a favorite amongst performing arts students.

Lacey Franklin, Adair sophomore, has been involved with the Opera Workshop for three semesters now.

“Opera Workshop is the musical theatre branch in the NSU Department of Music and allows students to tap into their performance,” said Franklin. “Students can participate in both or either a scenes production in the fall and a full show in the spring.”

Collaboration can be key to a great performance. Bringing in different talents and artists can give great depth, and Opera Workshop is doing just that.

“We're collaborating with the NSU jazz band and doing a collection of songs from ‘The Great American Songbook,’” said Franklin. “This includes songs from George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin and several other artists specifically from the Jazz age of music.

In the class for the Opera Workshop, students focus and work on certain pieces for their performance with the Opera Workshop. This allows students to produce quality performances while learning new skills.

Calen Cline, Broken Arrow senior, has been involved in the Opera Workshop for four years. 

“I have been able to take away performance practice in so many different types of performing,” said Cline. “In my time here at NSU I have performed in various scene performances, as well as two different types of musicals. For this performance I will be singing two solos which are ‘Younger than Springtime’ and ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ and will also be performing a duet with Katelyn Devault named ‘Let's Call the Whole Thing Off.’”

Franklin and Cline, among other students, are excited for their performances this semester with the Opera Workshop.

“I'll be performing in the group number ‘Puttin' on the Ritz’ by Irving Berlin,’” said Franklin. “I will also be performing a scene from ‘Show Boat’ by George Gershwin and Jerome Kern where Mr. Ravenal and Magnolia sing ‘You Are Love’ with Myklind Reyes-Sosi. I will also be singing ‘Somebody Loves Me’ by George Gershwin.”

Students past and present who have been involved in the Opera Workshop can attest to all the lessons that can be learned from being a part of this beneficial music class.

Trico Blue, Hulbert senior, was a part of the Opera Workshop last semester. Even though he is a social studies major, Blue has a major love for the performing arts and looks back on his time with the Opera Workshop fondly.

“I learned how to prepare for and perform a vocally-taxing musical role,” said Blue. “Furthermore, I made priceless friendships and connections with many castmates. I anticipate enjoying some of the great music of Gershwin. Additionally, I'm excited about such phenomenal pieces being performed by so many of my talented friends!”

The Opera Workshop will be performing at 7 p.m., Saturday Nov. 8 in the CPA.

Admission is free and the event is open to the public.

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