Opera workshop to perform selections from “The Great American Songbook”

Published 11/8/17

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Marissa Mitchell, TNE Writer

Performance after performance, week after week, the NSU Department of Music always has something happening within their program. It can be said NSU’s music program is one of the most intensive music programs in the state. Being a well rounded program, NSU offers a class called Opera Workshop, which teaches the performance of musical theatre, a favorite amongst performing arts students.

Presidio Brass takes the stage at NSU

Published 11/8/17

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Taylor Brown, TNE Writer

Presidio Brass is a brass quintet from San Diego currently on tour. The tour, “Sounds of the Cinema,” is promoting the quintet’s second-most recent recording with the same name. 

Center for Tribal Studies presents Creative Writing and Music Production Workshop

Published 10/26/17

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Jessica Sudbeck, TNE Writer

In honor of American Indian Heritage Month, the Center for Tribal Studies is presenting the Creative Writing and Music Production Workshop with special guest Marcus Frejo, aka Quese IMC, who is of the Pawnee and Seminole Nations.

University Singers perform fall concert series

Published 10/10/17

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Valeriia Efimenko, TNE Writer

For the past three years, NSU’s University Singers has performed a concert series called Music in the Rough, where singers performed in locations that classical music would not always be performed. This fall, the concert will break away from that, and it is different than anything students have performed previously. 


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