Center for Tribal Studies presents Creative Writing and Music Production Workshop
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Center for Tribal Studies presents Creative Writing and Music Production Workshop

Published 10/26/17

Jessica Sudbeck

TNE Writer

In honor of American Indian Heritage Month, the Center for Tribal Studies is presenting the Creative Writing and Music Production Workshop with special guest Marcus Frejo, aka Quese IMC, who is of the Pawnee and Seminole Nations.

IMC is experienced in writing, music production and live performances.  He uses these different mediums to promote his passions, which include youth outreach and cultural awareness, as well as promoting drug-free lifestyles specifically among American Indian populations.

IMC has been rapping since he was 7 years old and his dream is to have his music heard all over the world.  His artistic style combines freestyling, funk and hip-hop music with strictly traditional Native American forms and values. His lyrics are cultured, soulful and a moving way of expressing his idea of rap music.

“Our music is high up, beyond the clouds,” said IMC.  “It is in the stars.  You cannot help but feel this movement.  It is not me, it is them.  If I am wrong, then my ancestors are wrong.”

The workshop will focus on teaching participants how to use writing and music composition skills to enhance the delivery of their message.

“The event is free and open to the public,” said Sarah Barnett, Center for Tribal Studies director.  “Bringing American Indian artists and professionals [to NSU] helps our students be exposed to a variety of career paths, find mentors in areas they are interested in pursuing and provides the overall campus and community with more exposure to contemporary American Indian culture.”

Rachel Pertl, Keys sophomore, is looking forward to attending the upcoming event.

“When I was younger, around 12 to 14, I was so captivated by the stories and different worlds that authors could make with words that I would write my own little stories,” said Pertl.  “But over the years I let that side of me kind of die because I became busier and it was pushed to the back of my mind.  About a year ago I was finally able to start reading again and the books were so wonderful that it rekindled that fire in me.”

Pertl said since she fell behind in her writing skills she is always looking for tips and ways to improve them.  She said she has always loved music and used to take piano and violin lessons.  She said putting writing and music together is like telling a child they get to go to a candy store for her, and this production seems like the perfect fit for making her skills better.

“I produce, write and perform,” said IMC.  “I am about the spiritual movement of our indigenous people. I am a complicated individual who individually complicates the norm. To all the people that like to tear others down who are trying to make efforts to help our people, please do not follow or listen to my music. This is for the movement of our people. If we continue to tear each other down then we empower the ones who oppressed us.”

The Creative Writing and Music Production Workshop will be led by IMC and conclude with a live performance. 

The Creative Writing and Music Production Workshop takes place from 6-8 p.m. on Nov. 2 in the UC Redbud Room.  The workshop is sponsored by the Oklahoma Arts Council.

For more information regarding the workshop, email the Center for Tribal Studies.

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