StuMo goes to SMC
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StuMo goes to SMC

Published 11/6/17

Zach Cobler

TNE Writer

Every winter break many NSU students involved in Student Mobilization give up part of their winter break to attend a conference. The conference is a way for the NSU students involved in StuMo to build new relationships, get invested in spiritually and have a fun experience over their winter break.

Student Mobilization Conference is the event all of the students head to. SMC is an event that brings together students from different colleges and universities with the hope of changing the way they see college, giving, leadership and spiritual insight. Each year the event has grown and they expect more than 5,000 students to be at the event this winter.

“SMC is a four-day, three-night party in OKC over winter break,” said Jeff Coffman, StuMo director. “There will be speakers who challenge the way students see things. There are also nightlife activities that are fun and included in the price of the conference.”

The StuMo staff thinks everyone should go to SMC and have done everything they can to make the trip affordable. The StuMo staff has been fundraising money to keep the price down for students who would like to go.

 “It is a great way to take the next step spiritually,” said Coffman. “The purpose of SMC is to help students develop in their leadership, character and walk with God in a fun engaging way.

Students from NSU who have gone in the past agree with Coffman. Students who have attended rave about how fun the experience is while still being able to learn about God.

“I go to SMC because it is by far the best week of college,” said Hunter Dennis, Checotah junior.  “Being able to learn more about who God is and understand who I am in Him is an incredible feeling.”

StuMo encourages everyone to go to the conference. The conference has been promoted at every StuMo night this semester with different students who have spoken to those in attendance, telling people why they should go.

“I highly encourage others to go because there is nothing like it,” said Michelle Holiman, Stilwell junior. “You can meet new people not only from NSU, but from other universities as well. SMC is an awesome way to figure out what you believe, and get answers to questions you have about Christ.”

The hype continues to build around this event. NSU has twice as many students signed up for the conference as they did at this point last year. Students do not leave the same after attending SMC and that is evident to Coffman.

“I have yet to meet a student who did not leave SMC with something positive to say,” said Coffman. “Many students make life-changing decisions at SMC and all the students leave with a vision to become a better version of themselves.”

The continued excitement sent by the StuMo staff has even the students who have never been before thrilled about the event.

“I have never been to SMC before and heard about from a friend I have in Kappa Phi,” said Tessa Adams, Kinfisher junior. “I am super excited to see what it is all about and have fun at the conference.

SMC will begin on Jan. 2 and go through Jan. 5. The event takes place in Oklahoma City and students will stay in a 4-star hotel for the three nights. The cost of the hotel is included in the price of the conference.

For more information, call Coffman at 501-339-5378.

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