NSU cheer welcomes connection and dedication
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NSU cheer welcomes connection and dedication

Published 11/15/17

Trenton Morgan

TNE Writer

NSU cheer has finished up their fall season of cheering at football games. However, they are excited to begin cheering for the upcoming season’s sports. Cheer is also anticipating participating in the spring competition season.

“We genuinely love all sports teams and would love to be at every sporting event on campus,” said Maddy Harrison, NSU cheer captain. “We have a lot of new freshmen who really love each other, and the football games have been fun. I love cheering on the RiverHawks and doing what I love with my friends. I have cheered the past three years now at NSU and I have loved being a part of the family we have established together. I am looking forward to doing life with my team, hanging out, getting to know them more and really creating a family bond. College is sometimes stressful and I believe having a support system is essential for a happy, healthy college career.”

Cheerleaders are required to cheer at home games, as well as participate at other events throughout the semester. The squad often has events for the community, such as their recent Mini RiverHawk Clinic that allowed young cheerleaders to experience the life as a RiverHawk. They practice for hours each week, uphold the standards and reputation of NSU and represent RiverHawk spirit with energy and pride.

“Cheer here at NSU is all about the Tahlequah community,” said Dana Blish, NSU spirit graduate assistant. “Whether that be in cheering for our university sports teams, hosting clinics for girls in the community or volunteering around Tahlequah, we strive not only to look good out on the field or court but to represent NSU in all we do. I am also looking forward to see how these cheerleaders direct their lives and how they will continue to be a community driven team. I am proud of everything they do on and off the mats.”

With the many stunts that cheerleaders do, it is imperative that trust is expressed and reinforced. In a sport that is already straining physically, members must be conscientious about timing, technique and placement to ensure safety and to prevent extra stress. These factors are also important as they work to attend nationals in Daytona, Fla. this competition season.

Blish said this squad is one of the best squads she has ever encountered when it comes to being family. Every member loves what they do and it shows in all the work they put in. This squad has a crazy amount of potential and she absolutely loves pushing them and helping them reach the goals they all desire.

“Being a cheerleader here at NSU has truly given me a family,” said Caden Davis, NSU cheerleader. “It’s given me a sense of belonging, and knowing I have people that care so much for me really helps getting through all the stress that comes with being a freshman in college. It has gotten me so involved with events on campus and has truly allowed me to grow closer to so many people. We push through rough practices, we cheer at every home game and we constantly strive to be better than we were the day before. The amount of drive my squad has for greatness is immense and I couldn’t be more proud of them for that.”

To transition into competition season, NSU cheer will have a tryout for the competition squad Nov. 29. Later in this semester, the squad will also have open gyms for NSU students who are curious to see what cheerleading is about. Around May is when the new season tryouts for the 2018-2019 squad will be.

For more information, email nsucheersquad@gmail.com, visit the NSU RiverHawks Athletics webpage or visit their Facebook.

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