National Guard and ROTC offer benefits to NSU students
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National Guard and ROTC offer benefits to NSU students

Published 2/8/2018

Ciarra Hankins

TNE Writer

Serving in the Oklahoma Army National Guard or joining the ROTC offers many opportunities for students who have a desire to serve the country. Not only are there financial benefits, there are also leadership opportunities for students to grow whether they want to serve for a few years or make a career out of being in the military.

“Without a plan, you plan to fail,” said Staff Sgt. Matthew Hendrickson, Recruiting and Retention NCO.

Being a member of the Oklahoma National Guard while attending NSU allows students the security of having their tuition completely paid for. Members of the National Guard also receive a monthly stipend each month they are enrolled in college. There are health insurance benefits through Tri-Care for active-duty services members, including the National Guard and reserves, as well as members of their family.

 There are a multitude of jobs for military veterans, and military service sets one apart to an employer. Being a part of the National Guard offers opportunities to get paid while serving and aiding the community by helping out during disaster relief and other causes in the United States of America.

There is a misconception that members of the military may only serve overseas, but being a part of the National Guard allows service members to be able to serve in their own backyard or help out communities in crisis.

Another option for students who are interested in being in the military is the Army ROTC.

“The goal of the ROTC program is to identify, train and prepare future officers,” said Capt. Kenneth Watthuber, ROTC director at NSU.

The ROTC gives students the opportunity to graduate college as a second lieutenant on active duty in the National Guard or in the reserves. Students may apply for ROTC scholarships through NSU or on a national level, both of which are highly competitive.

The ROTC program on NSU’s campus is growing and seeking new people with high character, leadership skills and good grades. Student may apply to be in the ROTC up to their junior year. There are many opportunities to grow through the ROTC and have a plan after graduating college.

“ROTC has helped me in many ways.” said Alyson Horman, Vian junior. “I feel it has strengthened my leadership capabilities by providing me with the confidence to make decisive decisions. It has also instilled discipline and has made me a healthier individual due to the physical standards this organization requires.”

Horman is currently Cadet Commander of the ROTC on campus. She was awarded a scholarship through the ROTC, and she recommends the ROTC for anyone who wants to serve their country as an officer in the military after graduating college.

For more information on the benefits of the National Guard, call Hendrickson at 918-708-2152.

For more information on the ROTC program, call Watthuber at 918-444-3064.

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