One Blood Revival brings communities together
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One Blood Revival brings communities together

Published 2/17/18


Sydney Russell 

TNE Writer 

One Blood Revival is a gathering of churches from many different denominations and some nondenominational churches who are joining together to call out to God to come and move in a powerful and fresh way.  

The foundation for One Blood is all people are saved by the blood of Christ, salvation is by grace through faith, repentance is essential, the Bible is the authority and the Holy Spirit is the source of power for the church.

This is One Blood’s second year to have the revival, and with last year’s high attendance, One Blood is ready to reach out to even more people.

Daniel Miller, senior pastor at Trinity Family Worship in Fort Gibson, said the goal is to see Jesus exalted as the most important piece of all of people’s lives. If Jesus is the goal, then all the things that divide fade away and He then can heal and save His people. 

With more than 3,200 people each evening, it was the largest event the management of the Civic Center has organized. People of all ages attend the revival.

"It is rewarding to see God’s people come together," said Miller. "He has saved us by one blood, so for us to be so divided is not a good thing. If we all believe that Christ died for the sins of the world, we all ought to be able to get behind that. It was good to see relationships being built between individuals and churches that maybe weren’t there before One Blood began." 

One Blood is trying to break the division in the church and reach out to all people. 

“One thing we have been strategic about in our prayer focus is to break down racial divides that exist among so many,” said Chadd Pendergraft, senior pastor at Crescent Valley Baptist Church. “I really believe One Blood can and will help with this.”

In order to see a change, the revival brings together different cultural and racial backgrounds under one roof. Around 40-50 churches from Tahlequah, Muskogee, Hilldale, Gore, Warner and other surrounding areas are expected to attend.

Pendergraft said he would encourage college students for the same purpose he would encourage an 85-year-old man or woman to attend.

“As someone who grew up in church, there has always been many stereotypes about different denominations,” said Hannah Waldrop, Poteau senior. “One Blood is a great opportunity for every generation to tear down the borders that separate. Especially as a college student when many are searching for who they are. This is a great chance to find identity in Christ.”

The work to stop this divide is not just starting with the revival. Many hours of planning, hard work, prayer and dedication have started within the church. Many of the local churches involved have met for prayer meetings to pray over the revival.

“I am working hard at CVBC to see that not only do we value the young and the old, but that we find a way to get rid of us vs. them,” said Pendergraft. “Both generations need each other, and I think that One Blood can further our efforts to address this.”

To keep the focus on Jesus and not on certain personalities, One Blood will not be releasing the names of the speakers. The speakers will be from local churches, and the worship will be provided by the joining of several teams as one.

One Blood will start at 6:30 p.m., Feb. 18 at the Muskogee Civic Center.  It is a three-day event lasting until Feb. 20.

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