NSU students further education through graduate school
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NSU students further education through graduate school

Published 2/22/2018

Ciarra Hankins

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While graduating college with a bachelor’s degree may seem like the end of school to some students, there are students who decide to further their education by applying for a graduate program. Graduate school is something a student may know they want to pursue from the beginning of college or it may be something someone in the professional world may pursue to open up new career opportunities.

Do it,” said Sierra Dorey, graduate student. “Taking a break in between undergraduate and graduate can make coming back to school difficult. Since you’re already in the groove of school, just further your education and get that next degree. Your paychecks will thank you later.”

Dorey is currently working on her first year of graduate school in the speech-language pathology program on the NSU Tahlequah campus. She is originally from Idabel and completed her undergraduate degree on the NSU Tahlequah campus, as well. Some of the requirements for this program include having an overall undergraduate GPA of  3.25 or a 3.5 in undergraduate major classes, submission of the Graduate Record Examination or Millers Analogies Test and admission into the NSU graduate college.

“My experience in graduate school has been great,” said Dorey. “My classes have been challenging and are teaching me skills that will specifically benefit me in my career. Undergraduate classes teach you many basic concepts in a certain area. Graduate classes are more in-depth and more hands-on. You also make closer relationships with professors, which is helpful because they help you build connections and network when you’re ready to start your career.”

Dorey said she did not expect graduate school to be so difficult. She said the classes require more work and research on her own time than her undergraduate classes did.

Taylor Collier is currently pursuing a master’s degree in occupational therapy at the NSU Muskogee campus. She is in her first semester of the program. Collier is also originally from Idabel, and she completed her bachelor’s degree in human health and performance at the NSU Tahlequah campus.

“For the application process, I had to turn in a hard copy of my application by July 1 for the program that began in January,” said Collier. “I had to include three essay questions, two letters of recommendation, 40 documented observation hours with occupational therapists and I also had to take the GRE. My transcript was sent over through the NSU Graduate College.”

Collier said she did not expect to be treated so professionally in the program. She expressed that compared to the undergraduate expectations for students, graduate students are expected to be more professional in class. Professionalism is emphasized because the program is not just considered a graduate school, it is also a professional school. Collier mentioned being organized has helped her stay on track so far.

Another route one may pursue after receiving an undergraduate degree is law school. Chloe Moyer is a senior from Idabel who has been accepted into the Oklahoma City University School of Law program. She will begin the program this fall.

“Some advice that I would give to someone that is interested in law school is develop a plan of action, determine your strengths and weaknesses and break apart you plan of action into small to-do lists to avoid being overwhelmed.” said Moyer. “Apply at least a couple of months before the deadline to also relieve stress. Success is not measured on the task accomplished, it is measured on the amount of preparation.”

NSU’s motto is “Gather here, go far.” Dorey, Collier and Moyer all began their journey at NSU and they shared examples of how they are going far. There are many options and resources available for students with a desire to further their education.

For more information on graduate school at NSU, visit https://offices.nsuok.edu/careerservices/ConsideringGraduateSchool.aspx.

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