Homecoming preparation begins for next fall
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Homecoming preparation begins for next fall


Caleb Eutsler

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Homecoming is an annual tradition that celebrates student life and RiverHawk pride. It is a time to come together as students, community members, and alumni to experience NSU. The Homecoming Committee introduces a theme and several events during the annual week, where everyone is invited to participate in the fun. As the 2018 fall semester is upon students, the new student committee is already making preparations for the week.

“We want to improve Homecoming in great ways,” said Caroline Roland, Tulsa sophomore and student homecoming board director. “By bringing the history of the university back into homecoming week and by getting more students to our events, we are adding a new event to the normal homecoming schedule of events.”

The student Homecoming Committee consists of nine students selected by the Student Engagement Office this semester. The members include Caroline Roland, Jayci Weeks, Tristan Wood, Mollie Hearn, Ashley Langston, Katrin McGriff, Lauren Cole, Courtney Langley and Courtney Bolt. Each member is selected to plan one event.

“To me, Homecoming is a way to gather all likes of the campus, community and alumni,” said Tristan Wood, Holdenville sophomore and student Homecoming Committee member. “I am the “Paint the Town Green” chair and am in charge of gathering groups to literally paint the town on business windows downtown. I will be in charge of approaching businesses and getting the OK from them to decorate the windows. From there, we have a little competition to see who designs the best window. From there, they are judged and a winner is announced.”

All the events planned by the committee promote pride, tradition and school spirit. After the “Paint The Town Green” event, the “Street Party” event is second. The other events include Trivia Night, a bonfire with a volleyball party, parade royalty, and “Green Til’ I Dye”.

“We will be starting subcommittees for every event in the fall,” said Roland. “The subcommittees will help us put on the events under our leadership and help us promote them and get students and alumni there.”

Homecoming week also centers around engagement. Courtney Bolt, the marketing chair, will be posting on social media and sending out emails for all events and engagement. The committee will be working to present the RiverHawk pride by selecting a theme and hosting the homecoming king and queen election throughout the week.

“We started prepping for these events last week,” said Jayci Jones, sophomore from Skiatook and student homecoming committee member. “We have a lot of new ideas that we plan to implement, but those are surprises. We can’t wait to implement those and see students’ reactions. Students should view Homecoming as a way to enhance school spirit, history and tradition.”

Although the committee cannot reveal all the secrets now, they are excited to get the planning advanced and to start taking the week seriously. As students, alumni, and community members reflect on the past annual Homecoming themes and events, they should be looking forward to the changes and traditional events that will take place.

“I can't say anything about what the theme is yet, but it will be great,” said Roland. “As for now, students and alumni should keep an eye out for posters about homecoming and get excited for a theme reveal, which will be presented later this semester.”

For more information, students can reach out to Roland at rowlan05@nsuok.edu and watch NSU email for more updates from the student Homecoming Committee members.



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