Wineingers family impacts CCF
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Wineingers family impacts CCF

Published 4/20/18

Sydney Russell

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After 47 years of service, founders Tom and Barbara Tucker have stepped down from Campus Christian Fellowship and passed on the torch to Andrew and Esther Wineinger. CCF is a non-denominational organization ministry for college students located on the Tahlequah campus.

Though the leadership has changed, the CCF mission still remains: “Our mission is to help students involved with CCF grow and mature in their faith and discover and utilize their God-given talents and gifts. Our hope is for students to become spiritual leaders at NSU, in their local church and in their families, by sharing the Gospel with those around them.”

Andrew and Esther got involved with CCF when they attended NSU in 2004. Andrew later joined the board and later accepted the director position.

When Andrew first came on campus for the fall 2004 semester, he met Tom at CCF. He lived in the guy's staff house and saw the work Tom and Barb were doing in the lives of students. Andrew said from the very beginning he knew he wanted to be a part of that. He also knew then that he was a long way from it.

In 2013, the Wineingers moved to Longview, Texas with their five kids, two of them being newborn twins. All seven of them lived in a one-bedroom apartment. There, Andrew was focusing on his career in the IT industry.

“I was doing things my way and it wasn’t working,” said Andrew. “I remember asking God why I couldn’t hear Him anymore, to which I got the response ‘the religion that God desires is this,

to look after orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world’ James 1:27.”

Andrew gave God control and took a new job opportunity in Bartlesville. A few months later, Tucker asked him to join the board.

After years of waiting for God’s timing, Andrew was offered the director position at CCF.

“Following a man who started CCF and worked within the ministry for 47 years can't be easy,” said Clare Fennell, CCF president. “But Andrew has taken each hurdle with grace and wisdom. I think that this has really made an impact on the leadership and students because it has shown us how although times may be tough where the Lord leads, the Lord always provides. Over the next few semesters and years, I firmly believe that God will use Andrew and his family to be a light on the NSU campus.”

CCF’s theme is “Let Your Light Shine” and they focus on the illumination of the word of God, conforming to that word and shining the love of Jesus to a broken world. CCF continues to do local and global missions, leadership retreats, women’s events and weekly fellowship.

“Tom and Barb loved on us college students so much,” said Tori Geasland, CCF worship leader. “They taught us not to be afraid to share the gospel, and Andrew and Esther have done a phenomenal job continuing the leadership they started.”

Tom still remains on the board of CCF though he has begun new ministry work with Barb.

“I encourage everyone to seek the Tuckers out in their new ministry Christian Parenting Ministries and learn from them what the Bible says about how to raise your children in the Lord,” said Andrew.

CCF will wrap up the semester with their annual CCF Picnic at 5:30 p.m., April 24 on Beta Field.

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