Women’s golf takes first in rained-out Olathe tournament
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Women’s golf takes first in rained-out Olathe tournament


Ebba Moberg

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The NSU women’s golf team started off the new fall season on top after winning the Central Region Preview in Olathe, Kansas. Unfortunately for the team, the tournament was cut short due to storms and heavy rain during Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Teams were only able to play one hole the final day before the weather put a stop on the tournament, and the second round had to be canceled altogether.

However, the team’s performance before the storms earned them a first-place finish.

"This was our tenth win in just under three years against a strong field that included the majority of the teams that qualified for last year's NCAA Championships," said Scott Varner, NSU golf head coach. "Our freshman were fearless, and this just adds to the excitement and expectations we have for this year."

The leading performer for the RiverHawks was freshman Aitana Hernandez with the score of 74, followed by freshman Nina Lee, who carded a score of 75. Senior Lexi Armon carded a 76, which put her in tied for 13th overall, and senior Kelsey Lumpkin was one shot behind, and tied for 20th place overall. Senior Ebba Moberg finished the tournament with a score of 80 and was tied for 39th.

The experience of my first college tournament was fantastic, and taking part of a team was one of the things I like the most,” said Hernandez. “I really liked the course, it was similar to my home golf course in Spain, so I was familiar with the fairways and greens.”

Nerves on the first tee-box are something even professional golfers experience frequently and college-level golf is no different. Many people being nervous means that a player is excited to play well and is something essential to perform their best.

“I was kind of nervous because it was my first college tournament with so many great players and so many competitions, but it was all excitement,” said Lee. “It was a great experience at a whole new, higher level of golf. I've got to experience playing with better players and having more competitions.”

This week’s tournament will be the firsts of two tournaments the RiverHawks will have on their home course. At the end of the fall season the women’s team will play at home again, that time at the Muskogee Country Club, for the NCAA Division 2 Central Region Preview. However, hosting a tournament can also bring pressure onto a player since expectations from coaches, family members, fellow students and other spectators are usually higher than when a team plays somewhere else.

“I do not really know what my expectations are for the home tournament,” said Hernandez. “I know that we are playing good right now and we know that course better that the other players do. If we play as we know (we can), and the team's support is as strong as in the previous tournament, we can win this tournament. As coach says: ‘If we want to win every single tournament we must win the first one,’ we did that so now we can win our second one.”

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