Fine Arts HVAC system causes problems for students and faculty
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Fine Arts HVAC system causes problems for students and faculty

Published 9/20/18

Caitlin Felts

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In recent years, the NSU Fine Arts building has faced challenges regarding it’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Starting this semester, renovations are beginning to be made, but students and faculty face struggles along the way.

Farren Mayfield, faculty pianist and instructor, said the Fine Arts building has had HVAC problems since his time as an NSU undergrad in 1997.

“I came back in 2008, and we were in an entirely other building because they were making renovations on the building then,” said Mayfield. “It was a multimillion dollar project, and in the end, the problem still was not fixed and has gotten progressively worse overtime.”

 Mayfield said because of the large collection of condensation in the light fixtures and lack of air circulation in his office, he had to move to a different office at the beginning of this semester.

“It became an even larger safety issue after during one of my piano lessons, a few gallons of water spilled onto my desk from one of the lights fixtures while I was in the middle of teaching a student,” said Mayfield.

In order to fix the ongoing HVAC issues, the facilities department is working on replacing the necessary equipment. However, the progress of the renovations requires part of the Fine Arts building to be shut down temporarily.

“In the first week of October, we will be shutting down the majority of the building so that we can replace the needed pipes over to the correct ones,” said Johnathan Asbill, Facilities & Grounds assistant vice president. “That way it can allow the system to run the way it was designed to. I cannot guarantee it will change the temperature of the space necessarily, but it will certainly allow us to control it better. Our goal is to have the majority of the issues fixed by the end of the fall semester.”

Students have made complaints about the conditions of the building for years. However, this semester it has caused more issues for students.

“As a student, musician and voice lessons teacher, the conditions of the Fine Arts building effect my ability to rehearse not only my own pieces, but my students’ pieces due to the unpredictable and inconsistent atmosphere, especially in the practice rooms,” said Lacey Franklin, Adair junior.

Due of the lack of air flow in the student practice rooms and band hallway, students and faculty are prevented from practicing and preparing for their upcoming concerts.

“It is difficult to pursue my major when the resources I need are inexistent or broken,” said Myklind Reyes-Sossi, Pryor junior. “There is mold in the hallways and each room needs a dehumidifier due to the amount of moisture in the air. This warps the wood of instruments and is terrible.”

Renovations are currently in process, but there is a process that could take months. For questions regarding the progression of the Fine Arts renovations, email Asbill at or call facilities at 918-444-2400.

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