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NSU Wind Ensemble presents ‘Animals; a Children’s Concert’

Published 9/25/18

Caitlin Felts

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Throughout the school year, the music department presents numerous performances to showcase the talents of students. The wind ensemble is presenting a fully animal-themed concert for families and community members to enjoy.

“I wanted to plan a completely animal-themed concert for children and families,” said Dr. James Adams, director of bands. “I wanted to choose pieces that represented different types of animals including rabbits, dinosaurs, elephants, donkeys and much more. When they hear the pieces, they can envision the different types of animals in their heads and I think that will be a fun experience for the audience.”

The concert features a variety of pieces by various composers including 14 movements of Saint Seans’ “Carnival of the Animals,” Rossano Galante’s “The Cry of the Last Unicorn.” and Frank Ticheli’s “The Tyger.” The concert also feature narrations by Dr. Ernst Bekkering and audience participation movements by two NSU students, Lacey Franklin and Myklind Reyes-Sossi, who will assist in leading the audience in a variety of different movements to accompany the different pieces.

“This concert will be very fun and very light-hearted,” said Adams. “We have never had audience participation volunteers come on stage for our past performances, either. This should be an exciting experience.”

In contrast to the slower, softer pieces of the night, Adams also said he has an exciting and loud finale planned to conclude the concert. With younger children in the audience, Adams said he hopes their finale will not frighten them.

“Our last piece, ‘The Tyger’ poses a very difficult challenge for our group,” said Adams. “It is very fast and very energetic, but is super fun to play. Overall, it has to be my favorite piece of the entire concert.”

In addition to the finale, students favor the overall experience the concert has to offer. Baily Wycoff, Coweta junior, said she loves how each piece represents a different animal. She also likes how educational the concert can potentially be for the younger children in the audience.

“This concert is not only for the kids in the audience but for the ensemble as well to monkey around,” said Wycoff. “I also love how each song portrays a different animal. For example, I never put it together how much of a tuba sounds like an elephant or how a flute sounds like a bird.”

While being able to experience the symbolism of each piece, some ensemble students said they enjoy the musical experience of being taken to another place. Kelli Martin, Jay junior, said the sounds the ensemble makes in her favorite piece make her feel like she is swimming underwater.

“One of my favorite pieces of the night would have to be ‘Aquarium’,” said Martin. “It actually makes you feel like you are in an aquarium swimming around with all the different kinds of fish and other sea life. You feel like you can look up and see all the fish and the sharks and can literally experience the feeling of being underwater.”

“Animals; a Children’s Concert” is at 7 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 27 at the Center for Performing Arts. The concert is free to all students and to the general public.

For more information about the music department or the Wind Ensemble, visit the music department website at or email Dr. James Adams at

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