NSU golfer Carlos Gomez looks to do big things
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NSU golfer Carlos Gomez looks to do big things


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Carlos Gomez, an 18-year-old born in Tulsa but raised in Colombia, is one of the freshman on the NSU men’s golf team this year. Gomez has one tournament at NSU under his belt, and head coach Scott Varner was pleased with Gomez’s performance.

“As a freshman, with one tournament under him, he has made a huge impact for us so far,” said Varner. “He is a great kid, and has the talent, courage, and confidence to be an All-American. He is already showing he is one of the best in the region. His performance in his first tourney, in which he had a chance to win going into the final round, almost carried us to a team win as well.”

The freshman class on the NSU men’s golf team has performed well so far in the first two tournaments of the fall. The first tournament had three freshmen in the lineup out of the five traveling players, and Gomez was also able to qualify at the NSU home tournament.

“So far, the team dynamic has been pretty good, and everyone gets along very well,” said Grant Hynes, redshirt freshman. “The team is pretty different compared to last year. All of the freshmen are doing a great job getting into the swing of things and they have adjusted really well to everything so far.”

Gomez started playing golf eight years ago after being injured while playing soccer. It was a combination between his mother suggesting he should find a new sport and a cousin who had just started playing golf, and he encouraged Gomez to start.

“My cousin always told me I should start playing because he loved it so much,” said Gomez. “Whenever we saw each other at family gatherings he would nag on me to give it a try, and eventually I did. I see him very often when I go back to Colombia and we are very close. He is also playing college golf in the U.S. now.”

Moving to a different country brings on many challenges for any person, and especially for a teenager in high-school. Besides learning a new language, living on their own, making friends, and passing classes, an international student must also learn about the new culture to fit in as well as possible.

“I was raised in Bucaramanga Santander, which is very different from Oklahoma and the U.S. in general,” said Gomez. “I had to learn a new language and adapt to a new culture and new people. I moved back to the U.S. because I wanted to finish high-school and start my college career. My mom and my sister are still living in Colombia and of course, I miss them every day.”

Despite being a freshman and an international student, Gomez is very excited to play at NSU. His performance has motivated him to practice harder and keep playing on a high level.

“Carlos has had a huge impact on the team so far,” said Hynes. “He did not qualify for the first tournament, but he managed to make the lineup for the second one and made an immediate impact. He single-handily put us in a position to be able to win it after the first two rounds.”

After graduating from NSU, Gomez would like to find a job in the business administration area. He would love to coach a soccer team, or another sports team. He could also see himself continuing his golf journey and play professionally one day, and maybe live in Florida.

“Carlos is a young man that works hard, is very coachable, and has a smile on his face all the time,” said Varner. “(He is a) a joy to coach.”

Gomez and the NSU men’s golf team will play this upcoming week in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in a tournament hosted by Henderson State University.

Gomez smiles after making a putt at the home tournament at Muskogee Country Club on Sept. 17. Gomez finished tied for sixth in his first collegiate event. Courtesy photo of Pete Henshaw, University photographer.

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