World Fair showcases various cultures to students
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World Fair showcases various cultures to students

Published 10/5/18

Yikun Wang

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The International Office and the Northeastern Activities Board work together to hold the World Fair every fall. The World Fair presents aspects of different cultures of the world to students. Students can try the cuisine of different countries and watch performances from students of different ethnic backgrounds.

“We have invited all the school groups to participate in this event,” said Yen Dang, international student adviser. "This event is a great opportunity to expose students and the local community to the diverse cultures that are parts of the campus community. Our international students, as well, have a chance to represent and introduce their unique and beautiful culture to the local community. Understanding the world is one of the reasons why our students came to NSU to study."

NAB held the first World Fair in 2010. International Programs came onboard to collaborate with NAB in 2013. Since then, it has been an annual event every fall. The event is open to the public and hundreds of people attend every year.

“I participate in this event every year,” said Kris Nie Qi, Costa Rica junior. “Many people don't know about Costa Rica. Through the World Fair, I can introduce my American classmates to my country. This is a very honorable thing. I can also make some Costa Rican cuisine and share it with everyone.”

In addition to food from around the world, national cultural performances organized by International students presented to all students at the World Fair.

“I started performing dance at the World Fair last year,” said Yue Song, China NSU graduate student. “I like to dance, especially with my friends. I think this is a grand event for all NSU international students. We will be here to promote the things in our country we are most proud of.”

The World Fair has faced difficulties in the past. NAB and International Programs are working to correct the shortcoming and improve the event overall.

“We have learned from the experience and lessons of previous years,” said Xuan Li, NSU international coordinator. “We will have a lot of exhibition tables and make exhibition boards for all participating countries. This way students will learn more about the culture of each country. The biggest problem at the moment is how to make our international students not be so shy to introduce their countries. Many students are shy because English is their second language.”

The International Office has determined there are six teams performing at World Fair this year. They hope more teams participate in the future. Li believes the World Fair promotes international students and local students. The NAB World Fair is from 3-5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 16 in the University Center.

For more information on the World Fair, email Dang at

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