Sequoyah institute presents ’The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’
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Sequoyah institute presents ’The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’

Published 10/11/18

Sebastian Cooper

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William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and is known for his poetry, acting, theatrical performances and his theater compositions. With his English flair, Shakespeare reformed the arts of his time and brought entertainment to the common people, noblemen, foreign travelers and in some cases, royalty. Shakespeare is noted as a master within the performing arts by humanizing the comedy and tragedy aspects of theater and what each symbolizes within their own realm. Such performance include his famous theater creation, Hamlet. The tragedy of Hamlet takes the audience on a journey that allows each individual to create their own perception and theory behind the madness of Hamlet. The play does not give the perception that a character is inherently good or corrupted by evil but instead offers the freedom for each individual to draw their own conclusion.

Shakespeare’s contribution to the performing arts is why history has remembered him as a relic within time. He influenced performing arts within the renaissance era, transitioned growth of the English vocabulary, collaborated the styles of playwriting for comedies and tragedies and he was known for the Globe Theater, which was erected in 1599 and displayed a round, arena type setting that encompassed the stage in the center and the audience around the stage.

“Shakespeare is one of the first playwrights that actually mixed tragedy and comedy which was innovative for his time,” said Emily Johnson, McAlester senior. “Modern plays today, every tragedy has a defining moment of comedy and every comedy has some tragedy which was influenced by the methods of Shakespeare.”

NSU’s Sequoyah institute is a non-profit organization and founded in 1985. The mission of the institute is to provide cultural learning opportunities and to promote the fine arts represented at NSU. Centralized around entertainment of the arts, the Sequoyah institute presents shows that demonstrate the talent of local performers, students and various outside groups.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare is performed and sponsored by The Reduced Shakespeare Company. Founded in 1981, this performing arts group has been awarded numerous awards and has been acknowledged through their success by creating ten world-renowned stage shows, appearing on two television specials and other media appearances.

“The Reduced Shakespeare Company are the originators of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare,” said Christopher Miller, theatre associate professor. “The company itself has been doing shows like this for a long time. This is a touring company that goes around and performs these shows. The show is very audience engaged participation where audience members get on stage at times to deliver certain lines. It is very interactive and very improvisation.”

The Complete works of William Shakespeare introduces 37 plays written by Shakespeare and is performed in 97 minutes. This theatrical work of entertainment takes the audience through a journey of Shakespeare’s theater work and an experience of tragedy and comedy.

In theater, stage performance is a expression of art where the action displayed by the actors are live. While scripted, the action can be unpredictable at times.

“I think a lot of people don’t realize the amount of time and energy a professional actor puts into their craft,” said Robyn Pursley, Liberal Arts assistant dean . “Actors are always training, even when they are employed in the field. Professional actors take advantage of any opportunity to work with a diverse array of directors and producers as well as other actors. Performing in different parts of the country can be an incredible experience for an actor as well.”

The Completed Works of William Shakespeare performance is at 7:30 p.m., Oct. 11 in the Center for the Performing Arts.

For more information about The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, call 918-444-4500.

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