Brady Hacker presents senior trombone recital
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Brady Hacker presents senior trombone recital

Published 10/22/18

Caitlin Felts

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As he pursues his final year at NSU, Brady Hacker, Sapulpa senior, is preparing to present his senior trombone recital. Hacker is accompanied by Farren Mayfield, faculty pianist and instructor, on piano and Lilly Lewis, Tahlequah sophomore, on trombone. Hacker is performing pieces of which he said are challenging, yet enjoyable and rewarding to play.

“It’s so hard to say which piece I like more,” said Hacker. “Each one has a different thing and aspect I like about them.”

Hacker is preparing four different styles of music including “Concerto for Tuba or Bass Trombone” by Eric Ewazen, “Sonata in F major, Opus 1, No. 12”, by George Frideric Handel, and “Devil’s Waltz”, by Steven Verhelst. Additionally, Hacker feels honored to premier a piece by Nicola Morello entitled, “Fantasie,” which has never been played in North America before.

After three years of serving as Hacker’s trombone instructor, Dr. James Adams, bands and low brass director, said watching him grow over the years has been incredible to see.

“He has developed a lot, especially in his maturity of practicing,” said Adams. “After selecting most of his concert repertoire himself, he worked really hard over the summer, came back and was ready to go. That was reflected in his recital hearing, of which he passed last week.”

Adams said it is crucial for students to experience performing in a live space to successfully develop as a musician.

“You gain a lot from exposing and putting yourself out there and saying that you have something unique and of value to offer to this piece, and you cannot do that if you don’t perform to your fullest ability,” said Adams.

Lewis said she agrees that performing live is vital to her success as an aspiring musician.

“Performing live in concert is important because you can’t stop in the middle of a song when you mess up,” said Lewis. “You have to play through the nerves and mistakes like they don’t even happen, so you can then come up with ways to make the next performance better after you perform.”

Hacker said the most challenging piece of his concert is “The Devil’s Waltz,” which is a trombone duet he is playing with Lewis. Once Lewis showed him the piece a year ago, Hacker said he immediately fell in love with it and made it a primary goal to perform it in his senior recital.

“I knew it would be a good song for the both of us because we both really liked the piece and despite the level of difficulty, I felt it would be really fun to put together in the end,” said Lewis.

In reflection of his past four years of hard work and dedication to his craft, Hacker said he hopes the audience is inspired by the pieces his presents. Though he is nervous about performing in front of his peers and family, Hacker said he is excited to showcase his talents in his upcoming recital.

“Overcoming my fears and anxiety and performing well is what I ultimately hope to achieve,” said Hacker.

Brady Hacker’s senior trombone recital is at 7 p.m., Nov. 1 at the Center for Performing Arts. For more information, email Brady Hacker at or call the NSU Music Department at (918)-444-2700.

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