Students showcase talent in woodwind studio recital
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Students showcase talent in woodwind studio recital

Published 10/30/18

Caitlin Felts

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NSU woodwind students are preparing to present their studio recital. It features performances by several students in the instrumental music department.

Each week, students meet in their assigned studio class and perform in front of each other. This allows them to not only enhance their performance practices in front of a live audience, but also gives students the chance to critique their fellow colleagues.

“The idea is for students of the same instrument to perform for each other and give constructive feedback to one another, allowing for a more well-rounded learning experience,” said Dr. Anne Watson, clarinet associate professor . “Just like other students need to practice their writing skills or work on drills for an athletic event, music students need to practice performing in front of their peers and others on a regular basis.”

Watson said performing provides another level of excitement and stress to what musicians do. Watson also added it is very important for students to practice using those energies to perform at their best ability.

“As a saxophonist, we really don’t have a studio class,” said Martin. “I’m definitely looking forward to listening to everyone else’s pieces that they are working on in their lessons as well as my piece.”

Martin said she anticipates an exciting recital and hoeps to overcome the challenges with her piece “Classical Concerto for Tenor Sax” by Eric Ewazen. She said the variation of rhythms in the piece can be challenging.  

In contrast to other performances throughout the year, studio recitals provide an individual focus of performance practices. Performing within an ensemble differs stylistically because it gives students an understanding of playing their individual part while collaborating to bring a successful performance to the stage.

In addition to committing hours of practice in preparation for the recital, Margaret Michka said she faces challenges with playing her pieces.

“I will be playing ‘Poem’ by Charles T. Griffes and ‘Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, which are very challenging pieces,” said Michka. “’Poem’ varies in tempo, articulation, style, and gives me a virtuosic opportunity. ‘Prelude’ is a really atmospheric song that allows me to convey absolute beauty. That particular arrangement is also really challenging because the tempo changes and being able to work together with the clarinet part to make the song sound really seamless.”

Watson said the recital gives students the chance to showcase their talents on stage in front of their friends and family which helps them develop their musicianship in a well-rounded way.

“Performing in front of others, not just in a practice room, allows students to see how all of their hard work has paid off as well as the different skills they might need to improve on for future performances,” said Watson.

The Woodwind Studio Recital is at 7 p.m. on Nov. 12 at the Center for the Performing Arts.

For more information about the recital, email Cheryl Nobles at or call the music department at 918-444-2700.

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