College of Optometry believes in the importance of vision care
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College of Optometry believes in the importance of vision care

Published 11/02/18

Omar Ortiz Vega

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NSU’s Oklahoma College of Optometry is one of 23 optometric training schools in the country. It is recognized as one of the nation’s leading institutions in the education of optometric physicians.  The program began in the fall of 1979 and became a four-year program in 1981. NSUOCO serves the optometric profession and the public as a clinical referral center.

As a kid I routinely visited my local optometrist in Stillwater, that was Dr. David Cockrell's office,” said Dr. Matthew Krein, Optometry assistant professor. “Having an interest in health professions combined with my experience observing Dr. Cockrell and his office is what drew me to Optometry as a profession.”

Krein spends the majority of his clinical time as an attendant in surgical and advanced procedures clinics. In addition to serving as a clinical attendant, Krein teaches Human Anatomy and Physiology and Clinical Methods IV within the College of Optometry.

“Vision is a critically important and highly valued special sense and working with patients to protect and improve their visual systems is a highly regarded and rewarding experience,” said Krein. “The profession is very versatile and choosing to enter it affords one numerous and varied ways to employ your skills and training.”

NSUOCO admits 28 students into the program every year. There are numerous niches built up on and used set NSU’s students apart from the rest of the market.

“I was a kid who started wearing glasses at an early age, so I've been going for yearly eye exams for as long as I can remember,” said Dr. David Simpson, Optometry assistant professor. “I always found it interesting to go to the optometrist, so it felt like a natural fit when I was considering what field I wanted to go into.”

Dr. Simpson is a graduate from the Illinois College of Optometry. He has been a part of the NSU College of Optometry for the past five years and is also the faculty adviser for the NSU chapter of the National Optometric Student Association. NOSA is the student branch of the National Optometric Association. Their goal is to advance the visual health of minority populations. The student branch of it aims to do the same as NOA through vision screening events.

"I chose to work at NSUOCO because I believe in the school's dedication to an engaging and comprehensive didactic and clinical education,” said Dr. Neal Whittle, Optometry assistant professor. “I enjoy working with my fellow faculty and staff to provide the best education possible for our students."

Krein said optometry is a rewarding, respected and in demand profession that can provide a prospective student a long and rewarding career and provide them the opportunity to customize their career as they see fit. He said there is always a need for optometrists in the world.

For more information regarding NSUOCO, email the admissions department at .

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