Student leaders attend EOI conference
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Student leaders attend EOI conference

Published 11/6/18

Courtney Bolt

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Student leaders and directors of NSU’s Welcome Week and Rookie Bridge Camp are preparing for their trip to Memphis for the 2018 Extended Orientation Institute conference. The conference is focused on programming development for first year and orientation experiences.

Mollie Hearn, Muldrow junior, Robbie Argo, Pawnee senior and Kasady Marshall, Sand Springs junior, are attending the conference to benefit the Welcome Week program. The three serve as lead peer instructors for Welcome Week 2019. Courtney Bolt, Broken Bow junior, Jayci Jones, Skiatook junior and MK Brinska, Edmond junior, are attending as directors of RBC. At the conference, students learn tips on making their organization better and working more efficiently. It includes a series of breakout sessions beneficial to their organization.

In the past, Welcome Week has been a week full of NAB events, games and prizes. In 2017, Welcome Week blended into the University Strategies course and is mandatory for freshman.  Lead peer instructors are working to make it an educational and fun experience. The week helps freshman know where their classes are, how to use their meal plan efficiently and the cultural heritage and background of NSU. The lead peer instructors work many hours each semester and well into the summer to prepare for Welcome Week and to make it better each year.

“I am most excited about learning information about coming up with new ideas and ways to make welcome week better,” said Marshall.

Welcome Week is different from other organizations because their budget is tied in with the University Strategies class. Welcome Week offers various events for students, and giveaway  prizes and swag items are given away during the week.

“I am really excited to get to know my fellow lead peer instructors,” said Mollie Hearn, lead peer instructor. “I want to grow bonds so that when we are in front of the freshman they can see how close we are with each other and see the family connections”

This is the first year for lead peer instructors to attend EOI. In the past, the conference has targeted orientation camps like RBC.

“Our orientation camp is modeled after Texas A&M’s fish camp,” said Robbie Argo, previous RBC director.

At EOI, schools come together and discuss their ideas and goals for their camps and ways that they can make them better. They connect with other student leaders to share ideas from across the nation.

“I am excited to go because it is my third year to go,” said Argo. “It is neat because I have made connections with other students and it is cool to see where their program has grown and the changes they have made.”

Students who have the opportunity to attend EOI are exposed to several different universities and different ways to organize their programs. The students will also have a chance to make connections and market themselves with other students and advisers of the programs.

“There are a lot of benefits to EOI,” said Argo. “One of the most beneficial things is it gives all of the extended orientation programs across the nation a standard guide to look at and aligns the ideals for a standard program.”

The conference is November 16-19 in Memphis. For more information, visit the EOI website at

For more information about Rookie Bridge Camp, email them at

For more information about Welcome Week, email them at

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