Student art featured in senior art exhibition
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Student art featured in senior art exhibition

Published 11/13/18

Caitlin Felts

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In the midst of completing their final year, three seniors are featuring their artwork in a senior art exhibition. It is free admission and open to the public to view during regular NSU Gallery hours.

Sylvia Hunter, art instructor, said the seniors worked many hours outside of class in preparation for the exhibition.

“We normally meet on Wednesdays, but we met during other days and hours while getting ready for the exhibition,” said Hunter.

Karen Ferrera, Tulsa senior, said she has been inspired to fulfill her artistic dreams ever since her fifth grade. She focuses her work on reflecting her emotions.

“The majority of my artwork is centered around my mood, what I am feeling when I’m creating it and what inspired it in the first place,” said Ferrera. “I believe that people respond more to a painting they try to decipher than a painting or drawing of a person or an animal they don’t recognize.”

Ferrera said when she first started attending NSU she thought art was something people did only as a hobby, but she fell more in love with art as she progressed through her education. She then challenged herself and was determined to make this semester different from her previous ones.

“I came into this semester with the motivation and idea that each and every single piece was going to mean something,” said Ferrera.

Ferrera is featuring a piece called “The Way You Make Me Feel.” It is her biggest work of art yet. It showcases a variety of acrylic colors and is held together by a hand-made frame Ferrera and her father made together.

After achieving her master’s degree, Ferrera said she plans on teaching art at a university level. Until then, she continues to teach adult-level painting classes at Pinot’s Palette in Tulsa.

Danielle Sturgeon, Coweta senior, said she focuses the majority of her artistic works on mental health issues.

“Each piece is a different expression of what I feel when I paint them,” said Sturgeon. “Each of my pieces feature many different little details that may appear to look normal to most people, but when I look at them I remember how I felt when I made them.”

Sturgeon said she cherishes the time she spends on each of her pieces because of how free she feels while painting. She said she has spent numerous nights throughout the semester in the art room working on the pieces she is featuring in the exhibit.

Though she comes from a family who excels in musical arts, Sturgeon said she feels incredibly thankful to have an artistic outlet. She said displaying her art in public allows her to express herself differently from her family members.

“One Christmas my grandparents bought me a box of acrylic craft paint, and ever since then I feel like I have found something that I can do and do well,” said Sturgeon.

Jessica Scheffel, Pryor senior, said participating in the exhibition has been a incredible learning experience.

“This exhibition taught my classmates and I how to mat, frame, hang and arrange an entire gallery in a way that is pleasing and keeps the crowd flowing,” said Scheffel. “As the night went on, we found out that is apparently its own art form as well. It was an important part of the process in order for us to get the most from the experience.”

The students are featuring their artwork during business hours until December 8 at the NSU Art Gallery. It features artwork by Karen Ferrera, Jessica Scheffel and Danielle Sturgeon. For more information, email Sylvia Hunter at

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