Saudi Student Association offers cultural educational opportunities
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Saudi Student Association offers cultural educational opportunities

Published 11/30/18

Sebastian Cooper

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The Saudi Student Association is a student organization comprised of individuals who advocate for social awareness for international students are part of the Saudi Arabian ethnicity and culture. This organization provides open discussion, sponsored events for students and a welcoming opportunity to socialize and learn about Saudi culture at their regular meetings.

“The overall goal is to provide help for the Saudi students on and off campus,” said Abdulrahman Alsedmi, Saudi Student Association president.

The Saudi Student Association has participated and sponsored events for the student body. In April 2017, the organization celebrated Saudi cultural day, a three day celebration of presenting Saudi culture and art. The organization provides an annual bonfire and goat/chicken roast open for students to enjoy the diverse cultural background. In September 2017, the organization sponsored Saudi National Day where cultural food items and tea were served. Then, Saudi dance demonstrations concluded the evening.

“I think it is important to understand the importance behind diverse student organizations,” said Madelyn Whittington, Tahlequah freshman. “Student organizations that are diverse or offer diverse backgrounds are important because it fights against stereotypes, fear and displacement of other cultures and minority groups.”

Student participation in campus events that highlight the diversity of campus helps combat the isolation minority students may be feeling. The Office of International Programs assist in giving international students a platform to present their culture in an educational setting and a fun environment. The program allows organizations such as the Saudi Student Association to have a voice among the many student organization this campus offers.

“One of the Saudi Student Organization's goals is to raise awareness of Saudi and Middle Eastern culture on campus,” said Stephanie Goad, international programs executive director. “The Saudi students have done a wonderful job of engaging the campus community through their cultural events such as Saudi Arabia National Day and Eid Al Adha celebrations. They are active participants in the World Fair, hosted by the Office of Student Engagement and the Office of International Programs. The organization is sponsored by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, and that sponsorship is difficult to obtain.”

The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission is a national organization sponsored by the United States government and was created by the Saudi Government in 1951. The organization helps monitor and establish other organizations across the nation to mobilize and educate cultural programs. The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission is located in Washington D.C. at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. With the help and guidance of SACM, student organizations such as the Saudi Student Association can function and carry out their mission to student bodies across the nation.

Regular organizational meetings are at noon on Fridays in the Office of International Programs located in John Vaughan library.

For more information about joining the Saudi Student Association, email Alsedmi at

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