International Office opens OPT workshop
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International Office opens OPT workshop

Published 11/30/18

Yikun Wang

TNE Writer

Optional Practical Training is an internship that allows F-1 visa students to complete up to 12 months of training after the completion of a degree program. International students who study in the United States hope to get this opportunity after they graduate. The International Office are facilitating an OPT workshop for students. This workshop helps students solve problems related to OPT qualification applications.

“We will have such a workshop every semester,” said Yen Dang, international student adviser. “Many students have come to the office to ask questions about OPT, so we decided to open a related seminar to help them. We downloaded a lot of documents on the relevant website of the OPT policy and made them a brief picture for the students to understand. I believe this will be very meaningful.”

The OPT workshop guides students on how to apply for an ideal work placement before graduation. How to apply and understand the relevant legal policies is a top priority.

“I think this workshop really helped me,” said Alsobhi Abdullah, Arab senior student. “The biggest problem I am facing now is how to find a suitable internship before graduation. The relevant laws stipulate that I must return to my own country within 2 months after graduation, but I also want to exercise my abilities and learn more here. So applying for OPT is the best option.”

Many students think internships in a large company in the United States are a fulfilling opportunity. They also improve their resume. Abdullah has browsed more than 10 websites for OPT.

“I mean there are a lot of websites and information there, but which one should I trust,” said Abdullah. “I think this workshop will give me an answer.”

On-site OPT workshops are scheduled periodically throughout the year. Each graduating student receives an email at the end of the semester so anyone who wants to apply for OPT must be prepared early.

“I started preparing for this in my junior year,” said Junming Li, Chinese senior student. “My major is finance, so if I can practice in a large financial company in the United States. It would be a very good thing. I referenced a lot of websites and submitted applications. It is also good to share some of the experiences at the workshop in the international office.”

Because OPT policies are changing every year, Dang explains in detail the process of the application and the changes in related policies for each student. Video teaching content is available in the International Office at the Broken Arrow campus.

“We welcome every student to learn or share the questions and ideas they encountered while applying for OPT,” said Dang. “The purpose of our workshop is to help everyone be better. We will do our best to help every student get what they want. All information about OPT will also be posted on the school website and on the Facebook of the International Office. This convenient for all students to view.”

For more information, please contact the International Office at (918) 444-2055 or visit the International Office OPT website.

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