Kansas senior aims to help others succeed
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Kansas senior aims to help others succeed

Published 12/6/18

Bradley Dame

TNE Writer

Gaelen Rose, Kansas senior, ended his first semester at NSU passing only one class.  Today, he is involved in several different clubs, organizations and committees on campus and is set to complete his bachelor’s degree in May, and will continue on to graduate school.

Rose is double majoring in history and sociology.  He works as an intern in both advising and the Family Parent Association.  He is the history club president and Aspiring Student Affairs Professionals vice president. He is involved in the National Student Affairs Professional Association and the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program. He is a peer instructor and is on the common read committee. He is also on the board of directors at the Wesley Foundation.  In his free time, Rose is often helping others with their own college struggles, and is currently helping out a fellow student with a dissertation.

“One of my greatest fulfillments is seeing others succeed,” said Rose. “I describe myself as a humanist and I think involvement leads to success.”

One part of Rose’s place at NSU is at the Wesley Foundation.  He has been attending the Wesley’s programming for over two years now and is on the leadership team.  He had actually known Shana Dry, Wesley Foundation director, when he was a child, and joining the Wesley resulted in a sort of reuniting for the two of them.  He quickly invested himself and got on the board of directors.

“Gaelen brought a refreshing perspective to our business models and programming,” said Cody Robinson, leadership development director. “I didn’t really have to tutor or mentor him at all. I’ve been happy to help him grow in some areas, but by a large part he had enough skills on his own. I’d describe him as a diamond in the rough. You wouldn’t expect someone from his background to have all the poise and positions that he has.”

Rose grew up in the small town of Kansas, a place he said is mostly based on utilitarian jobs without much emphasis on going to college.  He had thought about going to tech school, but ultimately applied to NSU on the last day of enrollment.

“When I got here, I drowned,” said Rose. “I would have dropped out if not for my involvement and for the support system at NSU that kept my college career going.”

Rose is engaged with the campus heavily through Student Affairs, where he made several connections.  His goal is to teach in higher education, and he believes being involved in many different areas and interacting with different people will help him engage with people in the future.

“Gaelen is very eclectic in personality and style,” said Dr. Jerrid Freeman, Student Affairs vice president. “He can by shy, and it’s been good helping him break down those barriers in the mentoring program and give him a multitude of experiences now that he’s kind of found himself.  Something that makes him stand out here is that he doesn’t expect anything to be simple.  When you know what it’s like to fight for everything, you’re better prepared.”

Rose is in a different place than he was when he first came to NSU.  Previously unsure of what his life would be, he is now well on his way to graduation.  He is planning on going to graduate school, he has his own apartment and he recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend.  He is looking forward to his future and is hopeful for further success in his college career.

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