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Playhouse presents Frankenstein live film

Published 2/6/19

Alex McBride

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Frankenstein, a live film featuring Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller, is showing at the Playhouse. The play is directed by Nick Dear and is based on the Frankenstein novel by Mary Shelley. The Royal National Theatre in London filmed the play. They are known for high quality performances.

“Frankenstein is a film screening of a live production done by the National Theatre in London,” said Robyn Pursley, College of Liberal Arts assistant dean. “This is a really awesome opportunity for our students and the Tahlequah community to experience a professional production of an incredible caliber.”

The script of Frankenstein is an original script written by Nick Dear. The play was produced in 2011 and is returning for the 200 anniversary of the Frankenstein novel. The live production film is shown for students and community members.

“I think the screenings of the National Theatre productions are really special because the audience is watching a play but through the medium of film,” said Pursley. “The productions are filmed so well you forget you are watching a recorded film and are able to really immerse yourself in the production as if it were live and in front of you. This particular production stars Benedict Cumberbatch. I expect most people have not seen him in a stage play, so that is a unique opportunity as well.”

According to the National Theatre, the show sold-out in 2011, and almost half a million people have seen Frankenstein. This is partly due to the National Theatre being able to get actors, such as Cumberbatch or Murphy.

“The National Theatre of Britain does a lot of top notch productions,” said Chris Miller, drama associate professor. “This film provides a high quality production that we would not normally get in Tahlequah. These are productions filmed in the National Theatre of Great Britain where they get a lot of funding and top names in actors.”

Although this screening includes actors NSU would not be able to otherwise show at the Playhouse, the university also has actors of its own. The Drama program puts on plays such as The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night Time and Call of the Wild. Theatre is important to drama students.

“Theatre is important to me because it tells a story,” said Malory Lynch, drama major. “I love being a part of the team who brings a script to life. Working as an actor or a technician is both rewarding and nerve wracking. We try so hard to convey the directors and other artists into the story. Students should come watch our shows not only because we put many hours of hard labor and memorization into a show, but also to support live art as whole.”

After Frankenstein shows, there is one more screening of a National Theatre live production. Macbeth screens April 16 at the Playhouse. After Macbeth, the NSU Festival of Film shows short films from all over the world.

“Putting the play on Valentine's Day was somewhat intentional,” said Miller. “We try to put on productions on Valentine’s Day, but they are not typically sentimental love stories.”

Frankenstein shows at at 7:30 p.m., Feb. 14 at the Playhouse. With student I.D., tickets are free for the first 50 students. Admission is $10, and tickets can be purchased at the Playhouse box office or at

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