University Singers present ‘We Are the Music Makers and We Are the Dreamers of Dreams’

Published 10/22/18

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Caitlin Felts, TNE Writer

The NSU University Singers are presenting their first concert of the year entitled “We Are the Music Makers and We Are the Dreamers of Dreams.” It is free for students and the general public.

Dr. Jeff Wall, choral studies director and department chair, said when planning the theme for the concert he wanted to include a balance of both classical repertoire and current contemporary pieces the audience can resonate with.

Sequoyah institute presents 'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare'

Published 10/11/18

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Sebastian Cooper, TNE Writer

William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and is known for his poetry, acting, theatrical performances and his theater compositions. With his English flair, Shakespeare reformed the arts of his time and brought entertainment to the common people, noblemen, foreign travelers and in some cases, royalty.

Ben Hay presents faculty trumpet recital

Published 10/9/18

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Caitlin Felts, TNE Writer

Amongst the many performances the music department is presenting this fall, Ben Hay, music instructor, is bringing a collection of repertoires to the stage at the Center of Performing Arts. Hay is accompanied by Dr. Ronald Chioldi, music professor and faculty pianist. The concert includes traditional and non-traditional works by composers Manuel De Falla, Arthur Honegger and Adam Cuthbert.

Drama department provides access to world-class entertainment

Published 10/5/18

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Colby Luper, TNE Writer

The drama department is screening the Shakespearian play “Julius Caesar.” The play is one of William Shakespeare’s many works based on Roman history. The play focuses on the assassination of Roman emperor Julius Caesar and the lives of those who conspired to murder him.

NSU Wind Ensemble presents ‘Animals; a Children’s Concert’

Published 9/25/18

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Caitlin Felts, TNE Writer

Throughout the school year, the music department presents numerous performances to showcase the talents of students. The wind ensemble is presenting a fully animal-themed concert for families and community members to enjoy.


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