Tahlequah music scene consists of more than just Red Dirt

Published 9/28/17

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Taylor Brown

TNE Writer

In the last few years, the Tahlequah pop punk and punk rock music scenes have steadily grown. Many students at NSU supported that growth, whether it be through purchasing merchandise and tickets to shows or by joining the bands that make up the scene. With venues like Dream Theater, and festivals like Green Country Roots, Tahlequah has made a home for the not-so-expected music genre.

Cherokee National Holiday Art Show maintains traditions through artwork

Published 9/1/17

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Trista Vaughn, TNE Writer

In 1953, Cherokee National Holiday was established to commemorate the signing of the 1893 Cherokee Constitution. Cherokee National Holiday is one of the biggest events that happens in the state of Oklahoma. Indigenous people from around the country will soon gather in Tahlequah for the 65th Annual Cherokee National Holiday. In past years, Cherokee Nation has recorded more than 100,000 visitors.

Rose Festival sets out to reclaim Broken Arrow’s beautiful history

Published 4/27/17

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Kelsey Baucom, TNE Writer

A few years ago the Main Street area in downtown Broken Arrow adopted the title of the Rose District as an ode to the city’s rich heritage. Today, leaders in the community are embarking on huge projects to revitalize downtown and make it more of an arts and entertainment district for both residents and tourists to enjoy. The annual Rose Festival brings the community together to celebrate this history and continue to make Broken Arrow beautiful.


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