Safety apps help students feel safe

Published 10/27/16

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Shanna Kyle, TNE Writer

Walking across campus in the dark can be scary sometimes whether individuals are with someone or alone. Technology allows individuals to feel a little bit safer through the use of safety apps. There are several safety apps, including bSafe, SafeTrek and Drunk Mode. Each of these apps is different, but all could help an individual in need.

Fair Fellow Coffee showcases local artist

Published 9/6/16

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Kelsey Baucom, TNE Writer

Many coffee shops have become a hub for local artists to meet and share their work with the community. Musicians and poets perform on open mic nights, and painters and photographers showcase their work in galleries. One of these shops, Fair Fellow, strives to support locals in Tulsa by facilitating a way for different artists to be featured each month.

Erly Rush Coffeehouse sponsors open mic nights every Saturday

Published 8/23/16

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Kelsey Baucom, TNE Writer

Located on Main Street in Muskogee, Erly Rush Coffeehouse is a hangout for coffee lovers and music lovers alike. The shop is quaint and adorned with art and photography from locals. Upon entering the place, a piano, a microphone and a couple of small amps are visible. These are used for the open mic nights that Erly Rush holds every Saturday night.


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