Study away opportunity allows students to attend Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Published 2/15/17

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Jessica Henry, TNE Writer

NSU students have the opportunity to spend one week of their summer studying and learning at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. The annual trip is scheduled for Aug. 2-9, during the fall intersession for 2017. Students who participate in the experience will travel to Ashland, Ore. and experience eight different plays performed by the theatre company.

University Singers perform “A Masterworks Concert”

Published 2/15/17

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Trenton Morgan, Contributing Writer

The University Singers present “A Masterworks Concert,” a free and cultural performance, with the goal to educate. The concert is out-of-the-ordinary from the typical repertoire and challenging due to a few aspects, said Caleb Cline, president of University Singers. The premiere touring choral ensemble intends to broaden their skill set, as well as broaden the musical appreciation of the audience.

Local bands thrive on support from community

Published 2/9/17

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Kelsey Baucom, TNE Writer

Music affects people in different ways. Some people only listen to it as white noise while driving in the car. Some enjoy it on a deeper level, investing in going to live shows and maintaining their ever-growing album collection. Then there are those who dedicate themselves to making music.

Montana theater group visits NSU on national tour

Published 2/7/17

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Madeline Jurus, TNE Writer

The NSU drama department is known for its student-led productions put on each semester, but sometimes outside theater groups are brought to NSU for the campus and local communities to enjoy. This year the Montana Repertory Theater will come to NSU to perform “Barefoot in the Park,” a romantic comedy by Neil Simon.


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