NSU drama presents upcoming production of “For Better”
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NSU drama presents upcoming production of “For Better”

Published 11/1/17

Marissa Mitchell

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In a time when technology has become a social norm, newer generations have found new means of courting significant others. NSU drama’s upcoming production of “For Better” by Eric Coble follows Karen Baedeker who falls in love with a man she only communicates with via phone or computer. In fact, 85 percent of the dialogue in this play is spoken over the phone.

“For Better” takes place in a time college students are all too familiar with and follows a group of people who are always traveling and busy with work, therefore always having to find different means of communication. The plays tells about the difference between contacting and connecting.

The play features an array of NSU drama students from different backgrounds. For some, it is their first full-length play on the collegiate level. For Malory Lynch, Heavener sophomore, this is the case.

Lynch plays the role of Lizzie, a quirky computer genius.

“I hope to learn more about what it takes to put a performance up,” said Lynch. “I want to be able to put this show on my resume and be proud that it's there.”

Matthew Reif, Poteau junior, has been a part of the drama program for two years and has been involved in one of NSU drama’s children shows, as well as two one acts in the North by Northeastern arts festival that takes place in the spring. For Reif, this play is his first full-length contemporary play and has been taking the time necessary to do some character analyzation.

“Michael is a salesman who is always on the road and barely sees his wife,” said Reif. “Even though he loves his life, everything is starting to become pretty routine and stale until his wife asks him to get in contact with her friend/his ex girlfriend. While trying to work out his feelings in this potential love triangle we see Michael flip back and forth between trying to be decent person and trying to use his salesmen techniques to keep both women interested.”

Tori Evans, Tahlequah senior, plays the role of Francine, the bossy older sister. In addition to this role, Evans is also the scenic designer for the play.

“There are many people that work together pre-production, during production and post-production,” said Evans. “Currently, I am working as the team leader for the scenic team. My team and I are currently building the platforms, painting the scenic units and setting up all of the masking flats. Along with that I am also the set designer for this show and have been working on making digital renderings for what the set will look like since the spring semester. So now I am seeing it through being built.

Evans has been a part of the drama program since her freshman year. Going out with a bang with her dual role of actor and designer, she was also accepted into a theatrical graduate program in Illinois this semester. She credits most of her theatrical knowledge to Dr. Robyn Pursley. Pursley has been the drama department chair and a theatre professor throughout her time at NSU. As of now, she is still teaching while being interim dean for the College of Liberal Arts.

“It has been the best experience I could ask for,” said Evans. “At times it can be stressful being an actor in the show and designing it, but it is not common to be able to build a set and then get to perform on it. I am really appreciative to have both titles. I came into the program and stage managed Dr. Robyn Pursley's show and I will be leaving with being an actor and set designer for one of Dr. Robyn Pursley’s shows.”

See NSU Drama’s production of “For Better” by Eric Coble at 7:30 p.m, Nov. 15-18 at NSU’s Playhouse. Tickets are free for students.

For tickets and information, visit www.nsuok.edu/drama.

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