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NSU Drama presents ‘Moon Over Buffalo’

Published 4/19/18

Brittany Amlin

Contributing Writer

The NSU drama department will open its production of Ken Ludwig’s comedy “Moon Over Buffalo,” directed by Scott Pursley. The plot of “Moon Over Buffalo” centers around a group of traveling actors working in a repertory theater in Buffalo, New York. Married couple George Hay and Charlotte Hay are the main characters of the story.

Nick Edwards plays George, who he describes as an eccentric showman, with an ego that far surpasses his skillset.

“George Hay is a very passionate person, I suppose you could say,” said Edwards, Muskogee sophomore. “He loves the theatre, but he’s also very stubborn, self-centered and wants nothing more than to perform. He’s full of himself, thinking he’s God’s gift to acting. When really he’s pretty average. His passionate and impulsive behavior gets him into a lot of trouble, as you’ll see in the play.”

Marissa Mitchell plays Charlotte Hay, an actress who pines for stardom and who’s biggest hurdle to that, turns out to be her own husband.

“I play the role of Charlotte Hay, a mother, a wife, and actress who used to perform on Broadway but followed her husband George, into doing repertory theatre and b-list movies,” said Mitchell, president of  Mu Gamma, the NSU chapter of Alpha Psi Omega. “She is sharp and witty and longs to be in the spotlight. She goes through romantic issues throughout the play, like many of the other characters.”

For any theatrical production, the director’s role is that of an anchor. How a director leads his actors can make or break a performance. Actress Emily Johnson, details how “Moon Over Buffalo’s” director approaches working with his performers.

“Scott works great with all of us,” said Johnson, McAlester junior. “He has a very driven directing style and isn’t afraid to tell you what he needs from you, while letting us discover our characters, which I really like.

Edwards elaborates on the scope of the director’s role in producing “Moon Over Buffalo.”

“Our director is very involved with every aspect of our shows,” said Edwards. “He’s the one in charge of executive orders on the set, sitting down with us at rehearsals to block everything we do onstage, and the final say in all of the technical aspects that go into our shows. I love having a director who’s directly involved with their productions just because it’s then extremely easy to tell they care about this thing they’re creating. If ever we need some help with any part of what we’re doing, we go to him. It’s a fantastic experience getting to work with him.”

The script for “Moon Over Buffalo” elicited many laughs and excitement for the play’s actors. 

“The biggest thing that drew me into “Moon Over Buffalo” is just how inherently funny the whole script is to read, and how even more fun it is to play a part in it,” said Edwards. “I’m very much drawn to comedies; I love things that make me laugh. So naturally, I was instantly hooked by this one.”

Johnson, who plays Ethel, a hard of hearing costume mistress for the repertory company and George’s mother-in-law, discusses the similarities that exist between the scripted theater world and what actually unfolds when putting on a production.

“The chaos,” said Johnson. “I really relate to the chaos of what’s happening backstage. It’s a little over exaggerated in the play, but sometimes it feels like it really is that chaotic.”

Joshua Higgs, who plays Howard, a weatherman engaged to George and Charlotte’s daughter, reveals what has been his favorite part of working on “Moon Over Buffalo.”

“My favorite part of preparing for the show has honestly been getting to work with all of the incredibly talented cast and crew members,” said Higgs, Bartlesville freshman. “I enjoy going to rehearsal and getting to be around such wonderful people.”

The cast of “Moon Over Buffalo” hopes that audiences leave the theater laughing.

“I’d like to think anyone who comes to see this show will have a good laugh,” said Mitchell.

“Moon Over Buffalo” opens at 7:30 pm, April 25-28, in the NSU Playhouse. For more information, call 918-444-4500, and to purchase tickets follow the link:

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