Trevor Fritz makes a change to NSU athletics
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Trevor Fritz makes a change to NSU athletics


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Sports fans often give the coaches and players the credit for winning their games. They often do not know what goes on off the field or court. A person who often goes unnoticed for spending early mornings and late evenings prepping the team is the strength and conditioning coach. NSU has hired a new strength and conditioning coach and his name is Trevor Fritz.

In order to successfully coordinate the strength and conditioning of athletes, a strength and conditioning coach performs different tasks. The strength and conditioning coach works with the head coaches to design training programs that revolve around strength, conditioning and weight training geared toward specific sports. They must account for procedures and regulations over their athletic department’s governing body and use training programs to maximize athlete performance and minimize injury.

“I think a strength coach can have one of your biggest impacts on a football team,” said Rob Robison, head NSU football coach. “The strength coach is around the team more than any other coach during your off season and summer. Strength coaches can help develop the leadership a team needs to become a great program.”

Fritz started his coaching career as an intern at Central Methodist University under former Missouri Athletics performance coach Kyle Oberweather. He learned more than he could have imagined while he was there. Fritz learned programming and how to put exercises together, but most importantly he learned how to be a coach. He takes into consideration in everything he learned in his first year of coaching. One piece of knowledge that sticks with him and that the athletes hear a lot is “ATD”, meaning attention to detail in everything an athlete does in life and not just the weight room.

Fritz interned for a summer at the University of Missouri under Coach Rohrk Cutchlow and his staff. He returned back to Central Methodist University for a graduate assistant position and remained there for a year. After that year, he decided to move on and forego his last year of graduate assistantship and become an athletic performance assistant at the University of Tulsa where he primarily worked with football until December 2017.

“His workouts kill me everyday but in a good way,” said Lajuan Ransom, Nashville junior football player. “I love the results I’m getting and I know my teammates like the results they’re getting also.”

At NSU, Fritz is currently the strength and conditioning coach for football, softball, men’s and women’s soccer and women’s tennis. He will begin to coach men’s basketball in the off season, too.

Fritz wants to give the same amount of energy with all teams as they are all equally important to him. He brings the same amount of energy at 5 a.m. as he does at 5 p.m. His overall goals for every team are to prevent injury, develop them mentally and prepare them for their respective sport and what comes with it. Fritz is not a registered dietitian, but he often lectures his athletes on how important it is to eat healthy, which is another part of taking care of their bodies. He focuses primarily on one section of the body. Athletes will perform both upper and lower movements on a daily training regimen. 

“That is my number one reason for coaching, to not just build athletes but to also build amazing community members and productive members to society, taking the lessons learned within training and within mental conditioning and using that to their everyday life.” said Fritz. “I always tell them to give maximum effort in all aspects of life, whether it’s in the classroom or being a great son, daughter and family member.  I feel like being a student athlete prepares them for life ahead, and I help instill different aspects that can help them within their everyday life.”

Fritz wants to make a difference for NSU athletics. The strength and conditioning coach also builds character into athletes. He wants the athletes to compete in the weight room and on the field or court, as well.


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