NSU golfer Tyler Ashman has big expectations for the future
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NSU golfer Tyler Ashman has big expectations for the future


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Being 18-years-old and moving across the country can be intimidating for anybody, but that was a chance Tyler Ashman from Clovis, California was willing to take. Now he is established in the top-five and on the NSU men’s golf traveling team.

“Tyler has been a fantastic guy,” said Scott Varner, NSU golf head coach. “He is from California, and you never know how a player will do when they come in and does not know anybody. But he came here, and it takes some courage to do so and he showed that courage.”

Ashman was introduced to the sport by his dad and grandfather and has played for as long as he could walk. He later started competing once he was in seventh grade. When he was 13-years-old his grandfather passed away and the love he had for golf is what keeps Ashman motivated to continue to get better every day.

“I feel like my performance this fall was overall solid,” said Ashman. “However, in each tournament I had a couple of holes that really hurt me. I felt nervous on a couple of the first tee shots, especially when we had tee time starts. But, I did not feel nervous when we had shotgun starts. For me to feel comfortable and keep my nerves to a minimum, I like to listen to music before my rounds.”

Ashman played in all the five tournaments for the RiverHawks this fall and had a 73.17 scoring average in those 12 rounds. He had two top-20 finishes during this season, with his best finish coming in a tie for 14 in the first tournament. Ashman is not unhappy with his performances this fall but knows that he can do better. Considering how he he changed his climate, got out of his comfort zone and moved away from family and friends, he is pleased with how things are going overall so far.

“Oklahoma is treating me pretty well so far,” said Ashman. “However, it is a lot different from my hometown because I am from a more suburban area, and Tahlequah is more of a rural area. On the other hand, classes are going good so far. It was a little tricky during the season to stay on top of my work, but I feel like I did a good job maintaining my grades when I was gone for two days almost every week.”

Having roommates in college can either make it or break it for most students. NSU golfers are required to live together on campus the first year and can then decide whether to stay on campus or move off campus.

“Living with Tyler has been great,” said Garrett McDaniel. “He is a great guy and good teammate. He, along with the other freshmen, are awesome and are always there for me and everyone else on the team if we need help or just want to hangout. He has also helped build a great team chemistry and a winning mentality.”

Going forward, Ashman is excited to keep playing the sport he loves, with a team which is like a second family to him. He expects to be in the lineup for every upcoming tournament, drop his scoring average by a couple of shots and finding a way to limit his mistakes. Ashman is also expecting the team to win at least one tournament by the end of the year, and to have a chance to win every tournament they play in.

“Guys like Tyler, as well as the three other freshmen we have in the starting lineup at the end of the fall, really gives me reason for big-time hope and big-time excitement for the next several years to come,” said Varner. “When you get to be my age you particularly take it a year at the time in coaching, and I have a lot of excitement about many years to come right now.”

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