Students take a swing at softball
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Students take a swing at softball

Published 10/23/15

Alexander Jewson, TNE Writer

This week, energetic NSU students have been playing softball at the intramural fields. It is a very exciting time for boys and girls around campus who have a common interest in the sport.

Students all around campus have been participating in intramural softball and gearing up for the homerun derby that will be taking place at the end of the week.

“I have been practicing for the homerun derby for a couple weeks now,” said Tyler Curtis, Marlow freshman. “I was in it for Greek week and am super pumped to see if I can beat my record of four homeruns tomorrow.”

Many people around campus are eager and excited about playing this week. At any given time of the day, large groups of students can be seen at the intramural fields watching as the students play softball.

“Its been great to ref this week,” said Kennan Lambdin, intramural referee. “All the teams have displayed a lot of sportsmanship and have made refereeing this week really fun.”

Intramural sports are widely enjoyed across the NSU’s campus. To participate students must have a valid student ID and you must be in good standing with the intramurals office.

Students will not be able to participate in any intramural sports if they have any past

strikes against them.

“All the games have been very competitive and there’s been a good turnout to watch the

games,” said Shayla Lovy, intramural supervisor. “The weather has been great all week


At the end of the week, a champion for the homerun derby and softball tournament will be crowned.

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