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Intramural dodgeball touches down at NSU

Published 11/20/15

Alexander Jewson, TNE Writer

It is that time of year again where everything is starting to wind down and the holiday season is fast approaching. Students are getting ready for finals week and starting to buckle down on their studies. This also means that intramural sports is coming to a close.

With less than a month left of classes, the NSU student body is looking for one last thing to take part in.

“I've been trying to play as many intramural sports as I can, but I have really been looking forward to dodgeball,” said Maxwell Williams, Jay junior. “A few friends of mine actually plan on watching the movie Dodgeball this weekend to get psyched up.”

All around campus, there are students signing their teams up to play. Each team will have five players and must have a student ID card to register.


“I'm actually very happy that dodgeball is coming up,” said Shayla Lovy, intramural supervisor. “This will be the last intramural sport of the semester, so I will finally be able to take a well-deserved break.”

The dodgeball tournament will take place from Nov. 30-Dec 3 and will be in the new fitness center.

“I wanted to play dodgeball, but I won't be able to because I will be refereeing,” said Kennan Lambdin, intramural referee. “Believe it or not, this is one of our more popular sports that students sign up for.” 

Students interested in playing dodgeball are encouraged to sign up soon. Registration ends Nov. 29.


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