RiverHawk women’s soccer faces first loss of the season
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RiverHawk women’s soccer faces first loss of the season

Published 10/9/17

Emily Osborne

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For the second season in a row the NSU women’s soccer team has won the first ten games in a row. The RiverHawks’ first loss of the season came this weekend against the undefeated Jennies of Central Missouri. 

The RiverHawks have taken it upon themselves to prove they are a good team this season. They have worked hard to know their roles and learn how to play together as a team, and their record this far has shown it to be true.

“I think the girls know what is expected of them,” said Madison Dobbs, head of community engagements and NSU women’s soccer alumna. “They are not here to be the average team on campus and they know that. It is very obvious at this point in the year what each girl’s role is, and it is very important they take whatever may be in stride and crush it. I think that confidence and knowledge has really help the team chemistry.” 

The RiverHawks’ season is off to a successful start with a record of 4-1-0 in conference play and 10-1-0 overall. However, the record has not changed the way the team prepares for a game. The players  have their focus set on one game at a time.

“Collectively we prepare for each game the same way no matter who it is or what our record is,” said Mariah Nicolet, sophomore forward from Mannford.  “We all focus on what our job is for the next 90 minutes and go out and give it everything we have until the final minute is up. We do all acknowledge that we are 10-1, but we do not let it get in our heads. We have bigger goals than just an attractive record. There is a greater plan.”

Each game is a fresh start and a chance to make improvements. This RiverHawk team has done just that. Each week is a new week full of practices and film watching.

“There is always room for improvements and that is something we take pride in,” said Nicolet. “Each week we go back to the drawing board and watch film to pinpoint the things we can improve on. We do not get complacent with how we are playing and always work to better ourselves. I believe one of the areas we are still working on improving is finishing more shots and coming out strong and putting the game away early.”

Without growing complacent in the work they have already done, the RiverHawks have learned and are still learning to work as a team in new ways to make themselves better, and by doing that they have created a team bond that has helped them be the successful team they are today.

“I think the reason our team has been so successful is how we are as a team,” said Kennedy Mathis, freshman forward from Porter. “We are very close with one another and just know what everyone wants. We do not try to focus on the soccer piece of it but on the family piece as well.”

The team is not settling for less than they think is possible. They have their eyes fixed on something greater, and they are using each game to get one step closer to their goals.

“We are not finished yet,” said Nicolet. “We have more to accomplish and with this team I know we can do anything we set our minds to.”

The RiverHawks return home after a four-game stretch on the road. The women’s soccer team will play at 7 p.m. on Oct. 13 at DeLoache Field against Northwest Missouri State. Following this game, the team will have a five-game stretch at home.

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