NSU women’s tennis is set for season
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NSU women’s tennis is set for season

Published 10/23/17

Emily Osborne

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During preseason, NSU women’s tennis competed in two invitationals and one regional tournament, coming out on top each time. The team ended their preseason two weeks ago in the regional tournament. NSU had one team member compete in the finals as a single and one doubles team.

Winning is nothing new for these RiverHawks. For the past four years, the women’s tennis team has been the MIAA regular season champions. For the past five years, the team has made it to the NCAA Round of 16.

“It’s the culture,” said Jon Parker, NSU women’s tennis head coach. “When kids know the success of the program, then their attitudes are a little more focused and their energy is high, and the players expectations are elevated so it creates a little bit of pressure to do good.”

This preseason has been about working on technique and finding strengths in new teammates. The team has worked on finding what each team member has to offer and learning to play together as a team in an individual sport. 

“I think team chemistry has a lot to do with being a successful team,” said Emma Warnock, Fort Smith, Ark. sophomore. “Even though we are on the court by ourselves during the match, or we may be playing doubles and only have one teammate on the court, the way the team supports and helps you focus on different advantages and strategies is a big part of our success.”

Being a close team is something the women  have been working on since they started this season.

“From the moment I met the whole team and the moment we were all together, we all just connected instantly,” said CJ Boydson, Claremore freshman. “I think it's our personalities, backgrounds, culture and even our playing styles. We all play a different game of tennis, but it clicks so well with one another, which helps us during the season.”

Being successful does not come easy. This RiverHawk team has worked hard during preseason to prepare to achieve their season goals. The team has goals of what they want to see happen. They set their goals high before they even started practicing.

“Starting the fall season, we really wanted to find the strengths within our team,” said Warnock. “Having a few new teammates meant learning each other’s style of play to help make each other better. I think we all adapted quickly to one another, and we know the potential we have to become such a close, put-together team.”

The spring season is quickly approaching and the RiverHawks already have their goals set high.

“For our spring season our goal is to improve as a team and as individuals,” said Karla Toma, Kutina, Croatia, junior. “Our goal is to go to nationals again and make it to top eight teams in the nation. We were so close last year, and with the new players that we have this year that goal is looking very promising. The new girls are a great fit to the team and are a part of our little family already.”

The RiverHawks will be in action for their first scrimmage of their spring season at the Tulsa Invitational on Jan. 19, 2018. Their first match will be against St. Mary at 2 p.m. on Feb. 2, 2018 in San Antonio.

For more information on this team, follow them on Twitter, @NSUtennis.

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