Women’s tennis is ready for the new season
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Women’s tennis is ready for the new season


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After a highly successful 2017 campaign, the NSU women’s tennis team is ready to begin their fall season.

Last season, the RiverHawks claimed their sixth consecutive Central Regional Championship title as well as their fifth consecutive MIAA Championship.  The team has a season goal to be ranked top-five in the nation, which will be two places better than last season’s ranking. Other than the season-goal Jon Parker, NSU tennis head coach, focuses more on personally development and team dynamic than wins and losses.

“My expectations are for individual improvements, building a positive team culture and making sure needs are met with my players,” said Parker. “I’m not concerned with winning championships because they happen as a result of hard work and team comradery on the court. I like to see smiling faces on the court and turning mistakes into opportunities of growth.”

This year’s women’s tennis team consists of seven returning players and two freshmen. Six out of the nine players are international students, which creates a great diversity on the team. Karla Tomaic, senior from Kutina, Croatia is one of the international students who has been with the RiverHawks her entire college career.

“Being a senior on this team feels amazing,” said Tomaic. “I loved every second of my past three years here and I am expecting only the best for my last year here. I feel like we grew more each day and each season as well as our team connection and unity and that led to result improvements each year.”

Having experienced players is an advantage for any sports team, but it also brings responsibility onto the returning players to show the new players how things work.

“Being a returner on the team makes me feel like I need to work even harder this year to show our new teammates how hard we work to have the success we have had in the past, and to continue to improve our program,” said Emma Warnock, junior from Fort Smith, Arkansas. “We practice daily for a few hours and we work on different strategies and break down different shot selections, so we will be prepared to play against our first team.”

With the focus on well-being, personal growth and hard work, the women’s tennis team is excited to start their 2018-2019 season. The fall and spring season differs in tennis, but both are equally as important.

“Our fall season is based on our individual performances and does not have anything to do with our team ranking,” said Tomaic. “We are very excited to play and to see how the new girls are adjusting to the team. We have about a week or so to figure out or new doubles parings and our new lineup.”

Talent and the will to work hard are important, but time on the courtgivesa player the essential experience they need to win championships.

“Sometimes experience is more important than the talent,” said Tomaic. “Freshmen are usually lacking confidence and confidence (very) important on and off the court. With majority of us being upperclassmen, I think we will lead the freshmen in the right direction for the next couple of years.”

The women’s tennis team will play their first event of the 2018 fall season on Sept. 7-8 in Tyler, Texas at the Tyler Invitational. The first scrimmage at home will be on October 5th.

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