Tatjanna Stoll hopes to build on junior season
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Tatjanna Stoll hopes to build on junior season


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After Transferring to NSU last year, Tatjanna Stoll, junior tennis player, was a new face to the NSU program. However, she quickly began to fit into the program and has the awards to show for it.

Stoll was named the “ITA player to watch for” in the central region and earned the MIAA player of the year in 2018. She also finished last season ranked fifth in the nation, during her outstanding run in singles matches.

“When I started playing for NSU, I didn't think that I would be successful, said Stoll. “My highest ranking before I came to NSU was No. 17 in the nation. Now, my highest ranking is No. 5 in the nation which is amazing.”

Stoll started playing tennis at a young age and developed many tools to become the player she is today.

“Tennis is a sport where it's important to start at an early childhood age if you want to become a really good player,” said Stoll “Obviously, I didn't work out with weights at that age. At my childhood age, I focused more on my technique and practiced my strokes. In addition, I had speed and conditioning practice as well. When I was 18 years old, I started to work out with weights to become better and stronger.”

Singles have always been Stoll’s preferred style of matches, but NSU tennis head coach Jon Parker prefers for his players to focus on double matches as well.

“Our coach is big on doubles and we are always trying to improve our doubles game,” Karla Tomaic, Senior tennis player.

 Stoll originally played for Armstrong State University, but things changed for her future and she ended up landing a spot on the NSU team.

“Armstrong decided to merge with another bigger university and cut their entire athletic program, which made me transfer,” said Stoll.

This left Stoll in a bind with her eligibility status in Division 1 tennis. When she requested a transfer, Stoll fell under the academic year in residence rule. Under this basic regulation, it makes a student athlete ineligible to play the following year after transferring to another Division 1 university. The student must attend two full semesters of studies until he or she can return to their sport.

For Stoll, sitting out for a year was not an option.

 “I had to transfer to a Division 2 university, but I'm happy now. Head Coach Jon Parker heard about the merge of my former university and contacted me. I liked the university, the team, the tennis program, the coach and I accepted his offer to come to NSU.”

After a successful junior season with the RiverHawks, Stoll hopes to build on her last season’s success. Stoll will play with a new double partner this season because Easton Parker, Stoll’s former doubles partner, graduated last spring.

“My only expectation for them is to enjoy their time here as a student-athlete and work hard,” said Easton Parker. “Enjoying their time here is actually a big hope of mine for all them.”

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