Buildings on campus have haunted tales
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Buildings on campus have haunted tales

Published 10/31/17

Valeriia Efimenko

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Founded in 1846, NSU may not seem that creepy from the outside. The same might not be said for some buildings on NSU campus. There are a lot of spooky legends surrounding Seminary Hall, Wilson Hall and Haskell Hall.

 “NSU paranormal clubs used to do Halloween tours in Seminary Hall,” said Jade Hansen, Native American Support Center specialist. “They took students through the building at night time and told different stories associated with the building. One of them was how the lights are motion-activated, but people would still see the lights coming on and off at night while nobody was in there. Somebody tried to record videos, and you could hear somebody saying, ‘Help.’ They had a guide who took people through, but on the last night they let students walk in there by themselves.”

The buildings are old, and there is a lot of history. Seminary Hall used to be a hospital on the third floor. Now, faculty and staff have their offices there, and they report hearing voices and seeing unusual things happening.

“I never had a good view, but in the corner of my eye, I would see something odd and creepy,” said Hansen. “I don’t like coming around at night, especially on the weekends when nobody is here.”

Ghost tours used to be offered to students at NSU to pass down the tales from each generation of students to the next. However, the paranormal club does not currently offer this kind of tour.

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