Introductory Leadership Certificate emphasizes core values
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Introductory Leadership Certificate emphasizes core values

Published 11/8/17

Trenton Morgan

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NSU offers students many free opportunities to develop personal skills. The Introductory Leadership Certificate is one opportunity students may take advantage of. The certificate is free to all NSU students and only has a few requirements to complete.

“The Leadership Certificate is an opportunity for students to reflect on their effectiveness as leaders and to consider ways in which they can promote positive change within their organizations and the university at large,” said Jacqueline Epps, Leadership Certificate graduate assistant. “Depending on each student’s engagement in the process, they have the potential to gain so much more. Leadership is relevant for everyone, not just those with defined, individual leadership positions, which is an important lesson we convey to all registered students. Additionally, my position offers me the opportunity to learn about leadership by facilitating workshops in which I learn just as much, if not more, as the students I teach the material to.”

To receive the ILC, students must complete five workshops, one leadership experience, four career readiness certificate requirements, a pre-assessment and a post-assessment. The workshops utilize the Social Change Model of Leadership Development. Students are pushed to understand where their values stand and how they express in leadership opportunities.

Kristi Norris, fraternity and sorority life and leadership coordinator, said the certificate is a deep dive into the individual values of the SCM. She thinks it provides a space for students to explore leadership from a theoretical standpoint. In the course, students have the opportunity to learn more about themselves and grow in their ability to talk about leadership generally and in their own life.

“One thing I’ve learned is the importance of core values and how to be congruent to my own personal values,” said Logan Bryant, Barnsdall sophomore. “I believe that before I can effectively lead others, I need to be able to lead myself. The ILC is a chance for me to grow as a leader, as well as gain resources for bettering myself and others. The course meetings themselves are fun, interactive and informational. I love being able to come together with other eager students to learn and grow.”

Epps said the benefits of the certificate include resume building, experience, involvement, recognition at an end-of-year ceremony and personal growth. She said these are important outcomes, but she thinks students with the highest level of involvement in the certificate can learn more about themselves and the impact they have on the school by receiving real-world examples. She said certificate workshops and mandatory leadership experience work well together to allow students to use what they learn from in-class discussion and put it into action in ways that solidify what they are learning.

“The internal journey that you go on has been the most important part,” said Amanda Patton, Saline sophomore. “Leadership isn't easy. You have to put yourself aside and look at the big picture. It seems stressful, but at the end of the day, the act of leadership is for the benefit of the community. Your work and your kindness in how you work is always appreciated no matter how small.”

The ILC is offered each semester. There are also the intermediate and advanced levels. Students can apply for the certificates when emails are sent out near the beginning of the semester.

For more information, email Epps at or Norris at, visit their offices in the UC basement or visit the website.

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