RiverHawk Jam showcases NSU
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RiverHawk Jam showcases NSU

Published 2/1/18

Jalen Porter

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Upcoming students who want to be a part of NSU can attend RiverHawk Jam. RiverHawk Jam is NSU’s Spring College Preview Day. Other colleges may refer to it as an open house. This is a chance for high school juniors and seniors, as well as transfer students, to visit campus and experience what NSU is like firsthand.

At RiverHawk Jam, prospective students and their families have opportunities throughout the day to tour campus, view housing facilities and attend breakout sessions covering topics such as an overview of NSU for admitted students, next steps, financial aid and support opportunities for Native American students. These sessions educate potential students and their families, giving them the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

“What began as something put on by our office of Admissions & Recruitment, with the help of a select few from different offices and departments, has now grown to hundreds of faculty, staff and students assisting in this events,” said Kyle Murray, recruitment assistant director. “Without them, these events could not be nearly as successful as they are. After all, one of the very best things that NSU has to offer is the people who make the NSU family what it is.”

NSU is often overshadowed by larger institutions such as the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University, but RiverHawk Jam allows students to gain interest in NSU and experience what life as a RiverHawk would be like. RiverHawk Jam first began in the early 2000s. It started as a way to get larger numbers of students on campus at one time to experience NSU firsthand, helping them pick the college that best suits their needs. As the event has grown, so has attendance. A year ago, there were between 400 and 500 guests at RiverHawk Jam.

“It is a great day to get all questions answered about NSU and learn more information about all the great opportunities present here,” said Kaylee Switzer, RiverHawk Ambassador.

Universities are different in terms of academics, size, cost of attendance, location and overall feel. Students can meet and talk with faculty and staff from every academic program that NSU has to offer, as well as students representing many of the 100 over registered student organizations. During RiverHawk Jam, the RiverHawk Ambassadors are in the Administration Building. They give tours to the guests during the event. They can also be found in the Underground sitting at tables and handing out brochures explaining what life is like at NSU. Students will get a tour of the 128-year-old campus, eat on campus in the Market Cafe, attend the NSU basketball games that afternoon and have a chance to win scholarships and giveaways. All of this is free to the students and their families.

“When I attended RiverHawk Jam it gave me a good feeling about NSU,” said Kentrell Torrance, Memphis freshman. “I loved the environment and the people here are so nice. It was different from other colleges I visited.”

RiverHawk Jam is an all-day event. It gives upcoming students the opportunity to experience NSU and Tahlequah. To sign up for RiverHawk Jam, students can register on the NSU website.

RiverHawk Jam is Saturday, Feb. 24. Check-in will be from 9-9:30 a.m. in the Webb Building. There will be a late check-in at the University Center at 10:15 a.m. for those who arrive later.

For more information, email Murray at murraykj@nsuok.edu.

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