TRiO provides opportunities for student succeed
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TRiO provides opportunities for student succeed

Published 4/6/18

TRiO provides opportunities for student succeed

Sydney Russell

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College students who come from low-income families have a 21% graduation rate. In order to see higher success rates from low-income students, students with a disability and first generation college students, TRiO Student Support Services was established.

TRiO is funded under the Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. The TRiO programs in operation today include Upward Bound, McNair, Educational Talent Search and Educational Opportunity Centers. There are nearly 790,000 students involved with these programs.

TRiO Student Support Services is the college-level program and its mission is to enhance retention rates, graduation rates and academic performance. SSS services are available to students such as financial aid counseling, tutoring, career counseling, personal support, computer training and social cultural activities. Krista Boston-Fullerton, NSU SSS coordinator, said NSU currently serves 175 students per academic year.

Two-thirds of students served by SSS come from families with incomes at 150% or less of the federal poverty level and in which neither parent graduated from college.

“The staff at SSS encourage the students to stay on course with their major,” said Lena Deere, TRiO SSS director. “We provide the students with a computer lab and tutoring center. There is a break room where they can eat their lunch, hang out between classes and do their homework. We also have a mentoring program where the upperclassmen mentor the freshmen and sophomores. We tell the students we are their lifeline to help them obtain their bachelor's degree.”

SSS offers cultural and educational events to students. There have been trips to theaters, museums and national and international exhibits and productions. The SSS office helps students complete applications, prepare for testing and secure financial aid. They also plan campus tours for participants interested in attending graduate school after they finish their bachelor’s degree.

SSS students have access to GRE, GMAT and LSAT test prep books in the TRiO office. Students are encouraged to participate to gain experience and knowledge that will benefit their career.

“As a student worker with the program, TRiO has helped me find the resources I need to get through college,” said Jesseca Deere, TRiO student tutor. “We all know college can be stressful with work and life getting in the way, but I love how TRiO encourages students to keep pushing forward and helps them get the resources they need. TRiO cares about students and will do whatever it takes to see students succeed in their studies and graduate.”

The TRiO office is located in the basement of Haskell Hall.

For more information, call the Trio SSS office at 918-449-6112

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