Seniors hand out their freshman coin
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Seniors hand out their freshman coin

Published 4/12/18

Ciarra Hankins

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The Freshman Coin Walk is an event that takes place on the Tahlequah campus every fall. At the coin walk, incoming freshmen receive a coin to keep throughout their college journey and are encouraged to pass it on to someone who has helped them achieve success before they graduate.

“I think it's a wonderful reflection for a student to spend time thinking about their time here and the people who have helped them along the way,” said Kin Thompson, hospitality and tourism assistant professor. “It's also a thoughtful, positive way to speak life into those around you. You're validating their role here. You're blessing their life. You're making a difference.

When asked how it feels to receive a coin, Thompson said that he could not begin to describe how rewarding it feels to receive a coin.

The fact that a student would take the time to seek me out and comment on the value of our relationship blows my mind,” said Thompson. “College students have so many voices in their lives during their time here. I know that as they approach graduation they have a million things to do and prepare for. I think that knowing that makes the act that much more rich and valuable.”

Thompson is an example of what passing on a coin can mean to the person who receives it.

“I am giving my coin to Dr. Savage,” said Alondra Bustamante, Beaver senior. “When reflecting back on my last four years at NSU there are many faces who pop up when I think of those who have made a great impact on me. However, Dr. Savage is the one who stands out to me the most.”

Bustamante’s achievements during her time at NSU include starting an organization on campus and completing an internship in Washington, D.C. She is also one of NSU’s 2018 Outstanding Seniors.

“He has been a professor who I have greatly enjoyed learning from because he knows how to challenge his students in a way that is inspiring rather than overwhelming,” said Bustamante. “When I came to NSU, I had certain goals that I wanted to meet before graduating and without Dr. Savage's support I could not have met them. He is a great professor who is greatly respected and one who is always there for his students.”

While some students know exactly who they are going to give their coins to, some students find it difficult to choose.

“It is going to be so hard to choose just one person to give my coin to,” said Breanne Cooper, Kiefer senior. “There have been so many people that have impacted me throughout my time here at NSU.”

If one loses their coin during their time at NSU, replacement coins are available in the Student Engagement office. There are also coins available for transfer students.

Senior Coin Giveback week is April 16-20. For more information, email the student engagement office at

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