NSU students reflect on recent campus changes
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NSU students reflect on recent campus changes

Published 4/19/48

Ciarra Hankins

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The NSU campus in Tahlequah is constantly changing. From huge construction projects to extending hours for meal trade, there have been a significant amount of changes on NSU’s campus in recent years. With graduation quickly approaching, one may begin to reflect on how much NSU has changed throughout their college career.

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree typically takes students three to five years. Four years ago, the NSU campus was different for the students who were beginning their college careers. Some of the construction projects, such as the Cobb Hall residential complex, began during the summer semester and students returned to campus to see a building under construction in an area that was previously a parking lot.

“I love living in Cobb Hall,” said Auburn Kirkhart, Fort Gibson freshman. “It honestly feels like I am living in a nice hotel. All of the residential assistants are very friendly and helpful.”

The Cobb Hall construction project was completed in fall 2016. This was the first new housing project in almost 13 years on the Tahlequah campus. The dorms in Cobb Hall are suite style and four residents share a bathroom.

Another construction project that has taken place since 2014 is the RiverHawk Wellness Center and medical clinic for student health services on campus. Before the construction of the Wellness Center, student health services was located in the Wyly complex. They are now provided through the NEO Health medical center located at the Wellness Center, or as students call it, the FIT.

Before the FIT was a two story building, it was located in the UC basement. The area that was once the FIT is now a lounge area for students and a place where events are held.

“I love working out at the new FIT,” said Sarah Ferrell Tahlequah senior. “It has so much more space. There are more options of machines and a variety of new activities available as well. It is an all around better atmosphere.”

 The FIT is a two-story building that features an indoor track, an indoor swimming pool, a weight room, a variety of machines, and classrooms. The FIT is constantly adding new equipment to help fit student’s needs. 

Other changes on campus are located in the UC. Flo’s coffee shop used to be located on the third floor of the UC. In spring 2018, a new coffee opened on the first floor of the UC called River’s Edge. The new coffee shop brews Starbucks coffee and features an outdoor patio area. Another change to the UC was the opening of Señor Sabroso in the Underground. Señor Sabroso offers custom burritos, tacos or burrito bowls. This location offers meal trade.

“Since I’ve been at NSU, there been facility changes like the new dorms, the FIT and the new football field.” said Leslie Dodge Colorado Springs, senior. “There have also been changes with members of the NSU community being much more involved in the Tahlequah community. I have also seen the community become more accepting of different people.”

NSU is always changing and improving in order to provide the best experience for students. Most of these changes happen quickly, and become a regular part of student life in no time.
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