NSU students manage finals week stress
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NSU students manage finals week stress

Published 4/24/18

Tori Dodson       

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As the spring semester comes to a close, students around campus are beginning to feel pressure. For some students, the success or failure of a course can rest on the final assignment.

“The week before finals is honestly very stressful for me,” said Carly Anderson, Gore junior. “It’s the end of the semester so I usually have tons of homework, plus I have to start studying for finals. I take my grades seriously and I try to get my homework finished as soon as I can so I can start studying for finals.”

College students experience high stress due to various reasons such as procrastination, fear of lower grades and the pressure to succeed. When the stress becomes excessive it can lead to anxiety before and during final examinations, and it can ultimately affect a student’s academic achievement.

“My psychology classes covered the best ways to handle stress and it definitely varies from

person to person,” said Shayla Hardbarger, Stilwell junior. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to manage stress. Anderson said she uses a long list of methods to handle her stress levels.

“I tend to pray a lot,” said Anderson. “God is very important to me, and I lean on him to get me through stressful times. I also like to make weekly to-do lists. This way I can see what I have to do each week and prioritize what needs to be finished first, such as assignments and tests I need to study for. I also like to go running while listening to music. Lastly, I tend to snack a lot. Food always makes me feel better when I’m stressed.”

Hardbarger said that extensive stress has harmful effects on not only the mind, but the body as well.

“In psychology we discussed the benefits of diet, exercise and different coping mechanisms,” said Hardbarger. “When that was brought to my attention, I made an effort to really find ways to lower my stress, and I’ve seen a lot of great results.”

Students who are struggling to cope with the stress of finals week can visit HawkReach Counseling Services on campus.

“My psychology classes really normalized counseling,” said Hardbarger. “So many times, people see counseling as a sign of weakness, but it’s important to realize there are different ways of counseling. Going to see a licensed counselor is a great option, but if that is something you are not comfortable with, try journaling or even just talking to a friend. Whatever you do, don’t keep your feelings bottled up because that is how anxiety and stress start to build.”

HawkReach offers free confidential counseling to all NSU students and helps prepare individuals for academic challenges.

“Usually two weeks before finals week we tend to see a lot more students,” said Robin Mackey, HawkReach director.  “We have bio feedback software that helps students learn to relax and soothe themselves. We welcome everyone to come try it out.”

For more information about HawkReach Counseling Services, email HawkReach at hawkreach@nsuok.edu or visit their website https://offices.nsuok.edu/studentaffairs/StudentServices/HawkReachCounselingServices.aspx
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