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Graduate College prepares students for their future

Published 10/31/18

Caitlyn Mooneyham

TNE Writer

The Graduate College offers over 20 graduate degree programs. Students in their undergraduate program can start planning and working towards a graduate degree at NSU as early as freshman or sophomore.

“I recommend students start considering grad school around their sophomore year,” said Joshua McCollum, graduate college coordinator. “What is happening is we are getting more accelerated degree plan programs, and under these programs the undergraduates can take graduate-level work that will apply towards their undergraduate degree and their graduate degree. However, for them to take full advantage of that ATP program we must catch them early.”

Not all graduate programs have a specific time students need to apply, but some do have a lengthy process. Josh recommends students apply at least a year ahead of time for them to take full advantage of the program.

“Most students can start at any time,” said McCollum. “It can be fall, spring or summer, but we do have a handful of programs that only start during certain times. Our counseling program always starts in the fall or the occupational therapy program only starts in the spring. Both of those programs you have to apply for, so you have to start applying about a year before they start. It is something that students really have to be prepared for and thinking about.”

Students who are unsure of going to grad school should start looking. It is always good to do research to help persuade them.

“Students should get a graduate degree because it is helpful to be more educated and in the long run if you have a master’s degree it can open up more opportunities,” said Lydia Winford, graduate college coordinator. “Some students, for example, may have a bachelor's degree in education but they do not want to do that anymore, so they get a master’s in business so then they can open their own business. It depends on the person, but overall it helps with job placement, making more money and you are more educated at the end of the day.”

The graduate college, as well as other organizations on campus, have events for students interested in learning more about the graduate programs.

For more information, visit the graduate college office on the Tahlequah or Broken Arrow campus or visit their website at

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