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FitRanX promotes a healthy lifestyle

Published 2/1/19

Caleb Eutsler

TNE Writer

As the semester begins, students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to look back and reflect on the year. People are creating new years resolutions, and improving their health can fall on this list. Members a part of the FitRanX program not only do they get to see their health improve, but they also get to celebrate their accomplishments.

“Our FitRan program started last year,” said Aaron Edwards, fitness center director. “I originally heard about the program on Facebook, and after attending a conference in Rhode Island, I personally made a goal. I wanted to have a program that kept people accountable in their health and was a good fit for everyone.”

FitRanX is a national standardized ranking system designed to improve health and performance. By using a fitness level system, participants are able to be coached and guided through a fitness process.

“FitRanX is based on a ranking system,” said Edwards. “We start off with tests that determine where someone is in their health. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. As we say in order to know where you’re going, we need to know where you are. Then, based off the test, we begin by choosing days and time you want to train.”

The training programs are designed to be a full body workout. The mission statement states that their goal is to battle against the worlds unhealthy views of diet and exercise, and educating people about hard work and dedication is the primary goal. The FitRanX program here at NSU is the first program offered in the state of Oklahoma, and it is quickly spreading.

“There are gyms all over the country for FitRanX,” said Edwards. “There is another one coming in Claremore. It is cool to see it spread and know we were the first to bring the program in the state of Oklahoma.”

FitRanX is leaving a healthy impact on the involved members. Sessions begin at 5 in the morning and last all the way to the afternoon. Members get to choose when the best time for them to workout is.

“This has really changed the way I view fitness,” said Kin Thompson, FitRanX member. “I was originally looking for something to get me in shape. The workouts are only 25 minutes long, so it lets me fit in in my schedule easily. To me, it isn’t intense like crossfit. It pushed me to be my best and is for all shapes and sizes.”

Thompson began his journey with FitRanX along other faculty members. He said he has witnessed more and more physical progress throughout his time in the program.

“It makes me not spend hours in the gym,” said Thompson. “I remember before the program if someone told me to grab my foot while standing up, I couldn’t keep balance. But now, even after these workouts, I can do that. It allows me to get in a workout and not be burnt out, so I can still have a productive day at work.”

FitRanX is open to everyone. Classes are offered at the fitness center on campus.

I heard about FitRanX through email, and I decided to go because a few people told me they enjoyed the instructors,” said Kate Kent, Westville senior. “FitRanX provides a great encouraging environment that really welcomes you no matter your background with fitness. I played sports growing up and was used to having a coach, so when I graduated high school it was hard to find motivation for working out without having someone push you to do it. With FitRanX, you have a coach again to help and motivate you to keep working towards a goal.”

For more information on how to get involved with FitRanX, email Edwards at

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