Campus Police protects students
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Campus Police protects students

Published 2/5/19

Hunter McCrary

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In fall 2018, new lights were installed in front of the Leoser housing complex to help illuminate the sidewalks. Although the new lighting increased campus safety, the lack of cameras around campus parking lots is a growing concern among students.

“I generally feel safe on campus, but I think that there needs to be cameras and more lights around parking lots,” Adriene Lee, Muldrow sophomore. “I am a night owl, and when I park late at night I have to park near the Fit or beside the BCM. Honestly I do not like walking from the Fit because it is scary due to the lack of lights.”

Some students said it can be hard to see when parking spaces are cramped. They think it would be less likely for someone to try and break into a car when the parking lot it properly lit.

I believe campus should have cameras in the parking lots and around the dorms,” said Jesse Harris, Tulsa junior. “What if someone breaks into my car or steals it? How will we figure out who it was? After I get off work in the evenings, I have to park either in Courtside parking or at the Fit. It’s pretty dark and can be sketchy as heck walking to my room in Cobb. That is normally the time I don’t feel the safest.”

Some students utilize campus police more frequently than others. Operation ID allows students to bring their valuables into the police department to be engraved with a unique ID. This helps identify the item when it is lost or stolen.

If a student is walking alone at night and feels uncomfortable, they can call for an officer to escort them to their campus destination. Campus Police is willing to drive students in order to make them feel more comfortable on campus.

I work fairly close with Campus Police,” said Becca Limore, Muldrow senior. “I'm a resident advisor and I call them to assist me handling incidents. I also call them when I need to go across campus at night, they always meet me where I am and offer to pick me up after.”

Although students are concerned about the lack of cameras on campus, they feel safe knowing campus police are always patrolling either in their vehicles or on a bike.

“As an RA, I am concerned with the students who have to walk from Wyly Hall to their intended parking lot,” said Limore. “It is located behind the baseball field and does not have crosswalks for students to use and it is very poorly lit.”

Additionally, Campus Police work with housing and the criminal justice department to provide a self defense course for women called Rape Aggression Defense. RAD is offered to as few as five students at a time and students can earn one physical education credit hour by taking the class.

“Recently my sorority was asked to take the class on self defense,” said Lee. “I think it would be very beneficial. Even though the defense course is meant specifically for women, I think it should be offered to all students.”

For more information about NSU campus police resources, call them at 918-444-2468

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