Campus Police focuses on safety as nights gets darker

Published 11/15/18

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Ebba Moberg, TNE Writer

Feeling safe when walking home from the library or the gym is something every student wants. With the nights getting darker, NSU’s Facilities Management has upgraded all lighting on campus to LED lighting. This has helped further light up campus, but some areas remain darker than others. Nevertheless, Campus Police is always available for students who might feel unsafe in the dark.

NSU alumna educates on Cherokee tradition

Published 11/15/18

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Jordan Gogo, TNE Writer

During November, NSU celebrates American Indian Heritage Month. During this month, students, faculty and the public can attend events to learn about and honor the Native American culture. These events are primarily organized by the Center for Tribal Studies, located off-campus in the Bacone House.

Study abroad programs benefit student learning

Published 11/13/18

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Megan DuBuc, TNE Contributing Writer

NSU is helping students become effective members in a globalized market through study abroad programs. Studying abroad through any program offered by NSU is an essential part of education and a helpful resource for any student wanting to experience other cultures. Any student can participate and are urged to save credits for a semester away.

State Question 793 sparks conversation on campus

Published 11/9/18

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Omar Ortiz Vega, TNE Writer

On Tuesday, November 6, State Question 793 failed by a slim margin. If passed, it would have allowed optometrists and opticians to practice in retail establishments like Walmart, Costco and Walgreens without Oklahoma Board of Examiner oversight. Optometrists and opticians were against the measure.


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